‘Sister Wives’: An Estranged Brown Family Member Calls Polygamy Abusive

While fans eagerly await the return of Sister Wives there is one member of the extended Brown family who is speaking out against the show and the nature of the browns’ marriage. Kristyn Decker, the aunt of Kody Brown’s third wife, Christine, sat down with Radar Online to discuss polygamy, and she has absolutely nothing good to say about the Brown family, or, at the very least, how the Brown family operates. Decker has escaped polygamy and has even written a book about her experience with plural marriage. She believes that the Brown family’s relationship is abusive and that their faith is to blame.

A family member calls the Brown family’s relationship abusive

While the Kristyn remains estranged from the Brown family following her own departure from the polygamist lifestyle, it’s not stopping her from speaking out. The lengthy interview with Radar Online dropped a pretty big bombshell. Kristyn suggests that the Brown family’s relationship is abusive. While she doesn’t claim to have inside details of the goings-on inside their plural marriage currently, she was around the family long enough to see some red flags.

Kristyn notes that most polygamist relationships are unbalanced and prone to abuse. She claims that the group the family follows is “cult-like” and gives all of the power to the man in the family. The wives are not allowed to seek additional companions, and allegedly, they’ll only be able to enter heaven as the wife of their husband. In short, the man of the family controls absolutely everything, leaving the ladies of the house very little autonomy.

Kristyn would like to see Christine leave the lifestyle

Kristyn’s greatest wish appears to be connected to her niece, Christine. She’d like to see Christine walk away from the Brown family and forge her own life, far from the glow of polygamy. Whether or not that will ever happen seems to be up in the air, but Kristyn seems pretty confident that it won’t happen while the cameras are still rolling.

She notes that the polygamist lifestyle is no longer just a faith-based choice for the Brown family, it is directly tied to their income. With 18 children between them, several family members would be hardpressed to make a living without the show. Christine, who is the mother of six, sells LuLaRoe, but the MLM is rife with problems and could implode any day. The only sister wife with the means to leave is Meri, who owns an Inn not tied to the family. She’s also an empty-nester, which would, in theory, make it far easier to pack up and go.

The Sister Wives cast has admitted things aren’t always great

Admittedly, several members of the Sister Wives cast have been surprisingly honest about the ups and downs of polygamy. Christine, in particular, poured her heart out in the family’s book, Becoming Sister Wives. Inside the pages of the memoir, Christine recounts how lost she felt when Kody married Robyn after spending 15 years with his three-wife setup. She noted that she felt as though she was no longer Kody’s wife and was pushed aside in favor of a newer offering. It’s important to note that Christine had been the final wife added to the family before Robyn came along.  

Meri Brwon, Janelle Brown, Kody Brown, Christine Brown and Robyn Brown speak duinrg the "Sister Wives" panel
Meri Brwon, Janelle Brown, Kody Brown, Christine Brown and Robyn Brown | Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

Janelle has also been pretty candid about the struggles she has faced as a polygamist. Janelle didn’t grow up in the faith and joined the Meri and Kody in 1993. During a tell-all special, Janelle remarked that the first 20 years of her marriage weren’t that great. Fans were saddened by her statement, especially if she believes she deserves to be unhappy in some way. Meri has also voiced displeasure in her marriage, and she even carried on an emotional affair with a catfish.

So, while the family puts on a united front in front of the cameras, it’s clear that things aren’t always great. Fans, however, have wondered if the pitfalls of the plural marriage are even more significant than the family has let on in the past. Based on Kristyn’s statements, it seems like the marriage might really be worse than it appears.