‘Sister Wives’: Christine Just Threw Serious Shade at One of the Brown Kids!

Christine Brown isn’t one to keep quiet. The third wife of Kody Brown has aired her grievances with everyone from her fellow sister wife, Meri to the fans and opponents of the family’s show.

Now, however, the mother of six has taken to the internet to throw shade at one of her own kids. Christine seems to be peeved that Garrison Brown, 20, didn’t bother to introduce his new girlfriend to her before making it public on Instagram, and she isn’t shy about letting everyone know it.

Who is Garrison Brown’s girlfriend?

The Brown kids have been busy finding the loves of their lives in recent years. Mykelti, Maddie and Aspyn Brown have all recently married. Logan Brown is currently engaged to Michelle Petty, and Mariah Brown announced her engagement to longtime girlfriend Audrey Kriss in 2018. It seems only natural that Garrison Brown would find a sweetheart, too.

While not much is known about the couple, it is clear that the pair met at school. Kylie, Garrison’s girlfriend, has a private Instagram page with around 1300 followers. She first appeared on Garrison’s page on May 5, 2019, but no one is exactly sure when the pair first got together. Garrison is a sporadic, at best, Instagram poster. The post prior to the one featuring Kylie was uploaded in March.

Christine Brown throws shade at Garrison

Christine Brown was quick to comment on Garrison’s picture, but it doesn’t look like the sister mom is all that thrilled with the 20-year-old college student. She noted that it was awkward that he would post a picture announcing his relationship before she had met the special lady in his life.

His sister Gwen also posted a comment, but she doesn’t have the same reaction as Christine Brown. Gwendolyn, 17, is Kody and Christine’s fourth child together. She notes that she misses Garrison, but does not make mention of his girlfriend in her comment. Janelle, Garrison’s biological mother, did not make an appearance on the comment chain.

Garrison doesn’t live with his family in Flagstaff

It’s possible that Garrison is keeping Kylie separate from his family, prompting Christine’s response, but it’s more likely that the college student hasn’t had a chance to introduce his lady love to the extended Brown clan. Garrison is a busy guy, after all. Not only has he started his own company, but he’s working on finishing his bachelor’s degree.

Garrison stayed behind in Las Vegas to finish up school when his family took off for Flagstaff. It’s been about a year since the Browns left Sin City, and Garrison doesn’t seem to make the trek to Flagstaff often. With that being said, Christine was in the area recently to visit her kids that still reside in and around Nevada. In fact, Christine was allegedly in town around the time Garrison’s photo was snapped. Some fans are questioning why she didn’t link up with Garrison and his new girlfriend. Could her failure to see Garrison indicate that the family is feuding?