‘Sister Wives’: Do Flagstaff Property Records Point To A Fifth Sister Wife?

Sister Wives fans are anxiously awaiting the return of the polygamist family to TLC. The wait won’t be a long one. The newest season of the famed reality TV show is slated to return in January 2020. Picking up where the story left off, fans will get to see how the Brown family is acclimating to life in Flagstaff, Arizona. The previous season left off with the family packing up their Las Vegas abodes for the massive move. Since the show’s last tell-all episodes, fans have been theorizing that there is trouble afoot. Meri Brown, Kody Brown’s first wife, appears to be living a rather solo lifestyle, and little has been heard from Jenelle, Robyn, and Christine Brown. There is one potential twist in the works; some fans think Kody has added a fifth wife to his ever-growing family. They are pointing to property records as proof.

Kody Brown bought an additional Flagstaff property

The Brown family has been busy moving real estate in recent months. The family moved to Flagstaff in 2018, but just recently unloaded their last Las Vegas home. While their Vegas houses took a bit of time to sell, the family was still busy buying property in Flagstaff. First, the family purchased a massive plot of land. The land, which appears to remain untouched, is expected to house one large home with separate wings eventually.

In the meantime, the plural family purchased a home in Flagstaff for Christine to live in. The house was purchased shortly after the family arrived in the city. Christine cited the inability to find a rental property that would accept pets as her reason for buying a home. In September, Robyn and Kody purchased a 4,400 square foot home in the city after Robyn was asked to vacate her rental property, according to the Daily Mail.

Jenelle and Meri Brown are both still living in rental properties, yet, additional property was purchased in the city. According to property records, Kody also purchased another home close to Robyn’s new abode. No wife is said to be living in the house.

The housing blueprints accounted for a fifth wing

Soap Dirt notes that Kody’s original design for the home he plans to build may hint at an additional wife. In the blueprints, Kody asked for a new wing to be created just for him. While Kody tried to suggest the wing was specifically for him, fans were a bit suspect. In theory, Kody rotates his time between each of his wives. With four women to pay attention to, you’d think Kody wouldn’t have much downtime and the additional wing would go to waste.

Fans are theorizing that the extra square footage is not for a man cave, but rather, for a future wife. Kody hasn’t mentioned the addition of another spiritual partner, and the wives haven’t hinted at it either, but the added space would undoubtedly make it possible. The name of a fifth wife was briefly added to the family’s Wikipedia page; however, it has since been removed.

Is Meri out and a new wife in?  

Another possibility is that Kody’s first wife has flown the coop, leaving room for a new wife to join the ranks. Meri and Kody’s marriage has been rife with drama in recent years. First, Kody divorced his legal first wife to marry his fourth wife, Robyn. While the family claimed the move was for legal reasons only, it would seem that Kody is playing favorites, and Robyn is the favorite wife. Shortly after the divorce, Meri was embroiled in a cheating scandal when she was linked to a catfish.

Meri and Kody claim they are working on their marriage, but Meri’s recent travels have given fans pause. The empty-nester has traveled extensively since the show’s previous season wrapped, and the majority of that travel has been solo. Meri has also been spending an excessive amount of time in Utah, where she owns a bed and breakfast. Fans believe Meri might be planning to go solo soon. The Lizzie Heritage Inn may be her way of separating from her family.

While rumors are swirling, there are still very few known facts about this alleged fifth wife. Fans will just need to wait and see what shakes out when the show returns to TLC in January 2020.