‘Sister Wives’: Does Christine Take Meri’s Affair Personally?

It is hard to believe that at one point, Meri and Christine were great friends. It is even harder to believe that Meri is the woman who initiated the relationships between her husband and his three other wives. Left out in the cold, Meri seems to be having a difficult time getting along with her entire family, including her daughter, Mariah. Her biggest nemesis, however, appears to be Christine.

The formerly friendly pair have struggled to find common ground since 2015, and things don’t seem to be getting any better. Fans have some theories about why the Sister Wives cast members are having such a hard time seeing eye-to-eye.

Christine took Meri’s affair personally

It looks like Christine had a difficult time dealing with Meri’s affair and the fallout of the entire situation. During a candid discussion, Christine noted that she was having a difficult time dealing with the baggage that Meri brings to the table, and fans think she is referencing the catfishing situation from years back.

It is clear that Meri and Kody have never rebounded from the betrayal, regardless of what they say. Christine seems to be holding onto it, as well. Jenelle and Robyn seem far less interested in hashing it out some more.

Christine might be mad that Meri tarnished their image

Another theory is that Christine, as well as Robyn, harbor resentment over the family’s tarnished image. Meri’s affair didn’t exactly paint polygamy in a good light. Cheating happens in all walks of life, but the family entered into Sister Wives under the auspice that they could show the concept of plural families in a positive light. The first season did just that, but everything that has happened since the catfishing incident hasn’t been nearly as effective. In fact, the family has been accused of being dysfunctional by many fans.

'Sister Wives 'Cast
Meri Brwon, Janelle Brown, Kody Brown, Christine Brown and Robyn Brown } Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

Christine is heavily invested in plural marriage. She has noted that she always wanted to be a third wife, and knew from an early age that plural marriage was her calling. Meri’s affair has brought negativity to the family, and it doesn’t seem like something Christine is willing to deal with.

Christine’s commitment to plural marriage doesn’t mesh with Meri’s behavior

The concept of polygamy is simple. The husband is free to marry several wives, while each wife is expected to remain committed to one husband.  That caveat is what separates polygamy from polyamory. Christine is heavily committed to the concept, and it seems Meri’s betrayal shook her belief system.

Christine also appears to be the wife most desperate for Kody’s affection, so it’s a distinct possibility that the catfishing incident left a sour taste in her mouth on Kody’s behalf. The Brown family has talked about the catfishing incident multiple times, and while everyone seems tired of hearing about it, they clearly still have issues to resolve.