‘Sister Wives’: Fans are Theorizing That the Browns are Gearing Up for Another Move

Flagstaff might not be working out for the cast of Sister Wives. The Brown family allegedly chose Flagstaff because the inclusive community has four seasons and offers an open-minded culture. Now it is rumored that the existing residents of the city aren’t particularly keen on having the Brown family in town. While their lifestyle isn’t much of a problem, the media circus they bring with them is. It’s possible that they may be gearing up to leave their dream locale.

A fan suggest Flagstaff hasn’t welcomed the Brown family

Reddit fans love discussing the Brown family and all of their quirks, but a recent post suggests not all is well in the family’s new home. One Reddit user alleges they headed down to Flagstaff to visit friends, and the scoop they got is far from picturesque.

According to the fan, the Brown family is considering moving out of Flagstaff after residents have kicked up a fuss. Another fan notes that the show is not allowed to film in two of the three rental properties they are currently residing in. While they can shoot in Robyn’s spacious home, fans noted that neighbors looked less than pleased in footage from the show.

The media the Brown’s bring is going to be a problem

Flagstaff isn’t a big city, nor are its residents used to having a media circus in their streets. The Brown family brings that with them wherever they go, especially when they are filming Sister Wives. A Flagstaff resident told the Chicago Sun-Times that he was only mildly concerned about the Brown family moving into his neighborhood. He noted that while he doesn’t object to the way they choose to cohabitate; he did harbor some concern about the impact the family’s show will have on the community.

Producers insisted that most of the filming will be done in the family’s homes, but the neighbor worries that environmental damage could be possible. He is also profoundly concerned that traffic and fan drivebys will disrupt the picturesque and quaint vibe of the neighborhood.

Can the Brown family really afford to move again?

While Flagstaff might not be nearly as accepting as the Brown’s thought, it’s unlikely the family even has the capital to make another move. Several media outlets have reported that the family still owes back taxes to the city. With the unpaid taxes and one property still unsold in Las Vegas, things aren’t getting any easier.

Meri Brown is running two successful businesses, but Kody Brown seems to be without a job. Robyn also recently put her jewelry business on hiatus. There are a lot of mouths to feed and not a whole lot of money to do it with – at least not in the form of liquid capital.

If the family were to leave Flagstaff, they’d also have to unload the property and the house they purchased last summer. Christine Brown also purchased a separate home in Flagstaff. She alleges that no rental was willing to take her pets.