‘Sister Wives’: Fans Think Kody and Meri Are Lying About Their Renewed Love

Meri and Kody Brown claimed that they were trying to heal their ailing marriage by hitting the reset button. The couple explained during their tell-all that they are back in the dating phase of their relationship as they attempt to heal old wounds. While some fans were happy about the couple’s rekindled loves, others were left wondering if it was all a front.

According to Heavy, the family’s TLC show has been on the chopping block a few times over the last several years due to falling ratings. Now, fans think they might be trying to buoy their chances of another season by teasing a romance that isn’t actually happening!

Meri’s emotional Instagram post has fans curious

While it’s reasonable to get homesick after moving to a new location, fans think Meri’s emotional Instagram post isn’t necessarily all about leaving Las Vegas. The family moved from Sin City to Flagstaff nearly a year ago, so fans find the timing weird. Meri described feeling melancholy last week. She noted that it was a beautiful day, but she was longing for her old home instead of embracing the beauty all around her.

Even the ending of the post, which was purposefully upbeat made absolutely no mention of her plural family. She noted she was looking forward to becoming active in the community and exploring her new city, but she never said she wanted to do it with her family.

The Browns are currently spread across the city in several rental homes while they make a final decision on what to do with the large plot of land they purchased. Meri never said she was sad to be far from her sister wives; she said she was sad to be away from her Las Vegas friends. The sentiment left fans wondering if Kody and his first wife were lying about their renewed romance.

A Lack of Snapshots indicate all is not well for Meri and Kody

While Meri and Kody Brown professed to be working on their relationship during the show’s tell-all episode, fans are skeptical. In fact, it’s easy to see that Meri and Kody don’t really seem to be spending much time together. Meri is a regular contributor to Instagram and Twitter, but she hasn’t made a single mention of Kody in months. She happily took fans along on her LuLaRoe cruise and shared pictures with pals in the last several months, but Kody hasn’t made an appearance.

Meri isn’t the only one who has left her significant other out of social media posts. Kody hasn’t made a single mention of Meri since the show wrapped, leaving fans to wonder if the entire narrative was faked.

Why would Kody and Meri be faking a relationship?

Kody and Meri’s icy relationship has been fan fodder for years. However, interest in Meri’s dissatisfaction has ramped up in recent months. The mother of one is going through a ton of changes, and have been rooting for her to go it alone. Kody, however, might have different plans.

The reality TV star appears to need the TLC paycheck to keep his family solvent. They are currently in hot water with the city of Flagstaff for failing to pay their property taxes, and two of their four Las Vegas homes remain unsold. In short, the Brown family needs money, and another season is the best way to get it.

Some fans think the family is jockeying for another season of Sister Wives by trying to sell a rekindled romance storyline. Whether it will work remains to be seen; TLC has not officially announced if the series will be renewed or canceled.