‘Sister Wives’: Fans Think Meri Brown Might be Man Shopping

Some fans think Meri Brown hasn’t learned from her past mistakes. The mother of one was caught up in a catfishing scandal in 2015, and since then she’s been working to set the record straight and fix her relationship with her Husband, Kody Brown – or so she says. Some Sister Wives fans, however, have noticed that the Lizzie Heritage Inn owner appears to be embroiled in a new flirtation, this time with a man she met during a cruise to Puerto Rico. 

Is Meri really flirting with another man?

You know what they say – once bitten, twice shy. That doesn’t seem to be the case for Meri. While her catfishing scandal was a public embarrassment, she hasn’t stepped away from the online world, and her current string of comments do seem flirty. The mystery man, Keith, showed up on Meri’s Instagram feed in the comments. He began commenting on some of her pictures from the cruise, and now it looks like the pair have an ongoing back-and-forth for all the world to see.

While Keith appears to be the one who initiated the flirtation, Meri doesn’t seem to be shutting anything down. In fact, fans think she is reveling in the attention and seems to be ready to plan more trips that might find her in Keith’s company.

Who is Meri’s mystery man?

There isn’t a ton known about Meri’s mystery man, but it seems like his name is Keith Patrick, and he appears to spend a reasonable amount of time in the Caribbean. They apparently met when Meri won a bottle of rum. Meri, Kody’s first wife, doesn’t drink so she passed off her winnings to a couple of guys she met at her hotel. One of those guys happened to be Keith, and clearly, their interaction went far beyond a mere random act of kindness.

Meri and Keith are apparently Instagram friends. Meri Brown has over 200,000 followers, but she only follows 96 people. Her sister wives didn’t even make the cut, but Keith did. Keith, on the other hand, has just 396 followers, while he’s following 648. No other Brown family member seems to be of interest to the traveling mystery man, but Meri’s LulaRoe account, as well as the account for her bed and breakfast,  are among the accounts he follows.

What do the sister wives think of Meri’s online behavior?

Christine Brown was the one wife who seemed to take Meri’s affair most personally, but each of her three sister wives all seem to have had some trouble dealing with the fall out of her previous affair. Meri and Kody’s marriage took a massive hit after the scandal was revealed, and they haven’t yet rebounded from it. Although Kody and Meri both claim they are working hard to rebuild their fractured connection, many fans think it’s a straight up lie. Fans have pointed out that neither Kody nor Meri have mentioned each other on social media since the family’s tell-all episode.

A close family friend has previously suggested that Meri is actively dating other men. The former family friend, Kendra Pollard-Parra has spilled a lot of dirt on the family in recent months. She has suggested that Meri is only actual part of the family on paper and for filming purposes, so it’s possible that Meri’s flirtation with other men is completely fine with the rest of her tribe. Meri, Kody, Robyn, Janelle, and Christine have not commented on the current situation. Fans are glued to their screens to find out more, though.