‘Sister Wives’: Fans Think Robyn is the Reason the Family Moved to Flagstaff

The most recent season of Sister Wives chronicled the Brown’s inexplicable move from Las Vegas to Flagstaff, Arizona. Throughout the family’s attempt to hash out the details and figure out whether or not the move was a good idea, several reasons were foisted upon fans.

The Browns cited everything from a desire to return to a small town, to the temperature to educational opportunities as the reason behind the move. Some fans wondered if Kody just liked the attention that he garnered whenever he rolled into a new city, but avid watchers of the show think they’ve nailed down the real reason for the family’s move, and it has everything to do with Robyn.

Fans think Dayton is going to school in Flagstaff

While the Brown’s have failed to inform fans of exactly where Dayton, Robyn’s oldest son, will be attending college, fans of the show find the timing of the move suspect. Fans on several forums and Reddit all agree that Dayton is most likely attending college in Flagstaff, and his schooling decision directly influenced the family’s decision to move.

In early seasons, Robyn briefly discussed the fact that Dayton, her oldest child with ex-husband David Preston Jessop, is on the autism spectrum. She also discussed it in a lengthy post on the family’s website; My Sisterwife’s Closet, but they’ve been relatively quiet about it on the show. Some fans wonder if Dayton’s diagnosis and desire to go to school in Flagstaff influenced the family’s move.

Fans are irritated by Robyn’s tweets about the move

Since fans are in agreement that Robyn spearheaded the move to Flagstaff, they were especially annoyed by her tweets about Dayton, according to In Touch. She noted, in a Tweet on March 31st that Dayton was a rock star during the moving process.

While Robyn didn’t call out any of the other kids, fans surmised that she was throwing shade. Gabriel, Janelle and Kody’s son, was an outspoken opponent of the move. He even failed to pack a single box prior to moving day to show his disapproval.

Fans went on to note that they firmly believed Dayton was the only child benefiting from the move, and thus he had the motivation to help. The rest of the underaged children in the Brown family simply seemed like they were just along for the ride.

Robyn tries to explain the move, but fans aren’t buying it

Robyn took to Twitter to calm down fans who were alarmed by how little care was shown for the kids affected by it. She insisted in another tweet on March 31 that the family never planned to stay in Las Vegas long term; noting that had always wanted to return to Utah.

She continued by telling fans that a move back to Utah ultimate wasn’t possible and that Flagstaff felt the most like home. Fans, however, are not buying it. Several replied to the tweet to call Robyn a liar.

Dayton’s college acceptance, the quick move, and Robyn’s unwavering support of leaving Las Vegas are suspect. In fact, many fans fully believe that Robyn orchestrated the move!