‘Sister Wives’: Fans Think They Know Exactly When Robyn and Meri’s Relationship Self-destructed

Plural living doesn’t seem so easy. While the Browns thought Sister Wives would give viewers a positive spin on polygamy, it has done the opposite. The family has managed to prove is that plural families have just as much drama as traditional families, only multiplied. Fans have long suspected that fourth wife Robyn has manipulated her way to the top of the family’s hierarchy; leaving former-friend, Meri out in the cold.

Meri is the odd man out

While Meri Brown has been the most enthusiastic about adding wives, she is the one sister wife who seems to be on the outs with her whole family. In the family’s book, Becoming Sister Wives, Meri and Kody both admit that she was always enthusiastic about polygamy. In fact, the mother of one was directly involved with the courtship of each wife.

It’s hard to say if Meri’s divorce from Kody, the fact that her only child is now out of the house, or her catfishing scandal is to blame for her current plight. Fans seem to think they can pinpoint the moment her relationship went sour with at least one wife, though.

Robyn allegedly knew all about Meri being catfished

According to In Touch, Robyn was clued into Meri’s online relationship rather early on. A family source who was not named, alleges that Robyn took a look at the Twitter feed of both Meri and her suitor. The source alleges that Robyn suspected the relationship was heating up but didn’t say anything about it.

One of Robyn’s former friends, Kendra Pollard-Parra confirms what the anonymous source told the media. She claims that she knew about the relationship when it began brewing. Pollard-Parra claims fans had reached out directly to her to discuss the Twitter flirtation that led to the online relationship. She went as far as to tell media outlets that she and Robyn perused the former flame’s social media together.

Fans think Robyn betrayed Meri

After Meri sacrificed her position as a legal wife so Kody could marry Robyn and adopt her children, she probably expected a bit of loyalty. Robyn, allegedly, didn’t offer the woman responsible for her current familial situation any.

Fans have long theorized that deep down Robyn has always disliked Meri. Allowing the affair to unfold without sounding the alarm was merely a way to cement her position as the favorite wife. It seems to have worked; it is rumored that Kody only has a physical relationship with Robyn, his fourth and legal wife.

Did the scandal affect Meri’s relationship with her daughter?

Sister Wives fans have noticed that there is a definite chill in the air between Meri and her only child. Mariah was allegedly the first person to suspect Meri was being catfished, according to Reddit users.

Users seem to agree that Mariah was forced to stay mum about the entire situation until it literally exploded. Fans also theorize that the graduate student still harbors resentment over the incident.