‘Sister Wives’: Four Times Kody Bown Was Literally The Worst Husband Ever

Kody Brown of Sister Wives fame has managed to talk four women into simultaneously carrying on a relationship with him; all while they remain faithful. He’s managed to bring 18 children into the family and even has the ability to talk his wives into moving states for pretty much no reason. Anyone who hasn’t watched Sister Wives would probably assume Kody is a smooth-talker who lavishes his women with love and affection, but they would be dead wrong. In fact, there are plenty of examples of Kody being a downright jerk to each of his four wives!

Kody Brown Told an Interviewer That He Wasn’t Attracted to Christine

Wife number 3 is, by far, the neediest wife Kody has. She’s also the one that seems to love him the most, but the feeling isn’t exactly mutual. In the family’s book Becoming Sister Wives Kody recounted his courtship with Christine, and he wasn’t holding anything back. Not only did he refer to her as “chubby,” but he told a particularly cringe-worthy tale of Christine eating nachos. Christine’s nacho-eating was so repulsive that Kody almost deaded the entire relationship. He has even admitted to not being attracted to Christine, according to In Touch.

Feeling the way Kody feels is one thing, saying what he has said is another, but using the fact that he loves Christine substantially less than she loves him to manipulate situations is ruthless. He even suggested that if she honored the family then maybe he would love her. Who wouldn’t want to share their husband with three other women and then have conditions placed on top of it all?

Kody nixed a potential surrogacy situation

Meri, Kody’s first wife, was only ever able to have one child. She sat by and watched child after child be born to her sister wives; it all seemed to take a toll on Meri. When Robyn entered the family, she offered to be a surrogate for Meri, giving the mother-of-one a glimmer of hope. Kody nixed the entire plan in a heartless move.

According to Today, Kody essentially took the option away when he told Meri that “in his gut” he’d say “no” to the idea of Robyn becoming a surrogate. Meri, who wanted to continue to think about it was brutally rebuffed by Kody. While Kody has 17 other children, Meri is left with just one when she obviously would have loved to have more.

Apparently, Kody wasn’t particularly attracted to wife number four, either

Kody, who has seemed positively smitten with Robyn over the last several years, apparently wasn’t a huge fan of her looks early on in the relationship. Kody admitted that he wasn’t particularly interested in the “soccer mom”. According to In Touch, Kody also ribbed on Robyn for being divorced, driving a van and having three kids. The patriarch considered it “trouble.”

While Kody and Robyn certainly seem close now, one has to wonder how they got from point A to point B. In fact, it looks like Kody has spent a lot of time courting and marrying women that he doesn’t find particularly interesting or attractive. What’s that about?

Kody didn’t really care that his family didn’t want to move

The Browns have insisted, since the inception of their show, that they make decisions as a unit, but it seems that the rule only applies if they all agree with Kody. This season fans have been forced to watch the family pack up their lives in Las Vegas to move to Flagstaff.

While Christine was more than happy to move on from Vegas, Janelle voiced her concerns, especially with pulling the couple’s son out of school in the middle of his junior year to head to another state. In the end, off to Flagstaff the family went, regardless of the upheaval and hurt feelings it caused.