‘Sister Wives’: Is Robyn Pregnant Again?

Eagle-eyed fans of Sister Wives have theorized that Robyn is pregnant again.  While the Browns have been busy stirring up drama amid their big move from Las Vegas to Flagstaff, Arizona they’ve remained relatively quiet about any plans they may have for family expansion. It makes perfect sense that they’d be keeping upcoming plans under wraps. After all, the Browns have a lot to deal with between the move and rumors that Meri Brown has been ousted from the family.

What sparked the pregnancy rumors?

Reddit users surmise that Robyn might be in the family way after seeing recent show clips. Viewers argue that everything from Robyn’s weight, to her manner of dress, to the way she is sitting during interview segments indicate she might be incubating the couple’s third child together.

Robyn’s ex-pal, Kendra Pollard-Parra, however, suggests that the footage is several months old, and not indicative of Robyn’s current body. She claims that Robyn has recently put in some serious work to lose the stubborn baby weight from her last pregnancy.

So, is Robyn really pregnant?

Probably not, insist the former pal and several Reddit users. While Robyn and Kody both seem open to the idea of adding to their family, it doesn’t look like the couple is necessarily planning on it. Considering that Robyn, now 40, has had difficult pregnancies, and Kody is allegedly on the hunt for a new wife, he is unlikely to be growing his family – with wife number 4 at least.

Still, the family is open to “God’s inspiration” when it comes to family planning, according to In Touch. Robyn is already the mother of five children. When she hooked up with Kody Brown in 2010, she brought three children from a previous relationship into the family. A year after her spiritual union with Kody, the couple welcomed their first child together, Solomon. Ariella Brown, now 3, is the last child born to any of the sister wives.

A former pal cites health concerns to dispel pregnancy rumors

While Pollard-Parra has been outspoken about the Brown family, she’s been careful to leave Robyn mostly out of the dirt. The once close friend, however, did note that she genuinely believes that Robyn is done having children, and her reasoning is related to Robyn’s health. According to Soap Dirt, Robyn has breathing issues that are exacerbated by pregnancy. Weight gain has also worsened Robyn’s breathing issues, which may stop her from having another child.

Furthermore, the family is moving to a high-altitude locale, which can be difficult for those with breathing issues. A pregnancy that is already complicated by medical issues and advanced maternal age could be dangerous for a person who is not yet acclimated to higher altitudes.