‘Sister Wives’: Is The Brown Family Building One Big House in Flagstaff?

Fans watched as the Brown family uprooted their lives in Las Vegas this season on Sister Wives, but the filming took place over a year ago. Since then the family has worked to sell their homes in Vegas and find a suitable living situation in Flagstaff, Arizona; the expansive plural family’s new home base. What fans haven’t been filled in on just yet is how the family plans to utilize the land that they have purchased in the new state.

How did the Browns live before moving to Flagstaff?

Way back in Season 1 of Sister Wives, the Brown family lived in one large house that was divided into separate quarters. The house, which was built by a polygamist, was a perfect fit for the family. Not only did each wife have their own private space, but they were able to connect without going outside. The setup worked exceptionally well when the expansive family had a plethora of small children.

Once they jetted from the confines of Utah, finding a similar home was going to be an impossibility. Instead of building in Las Vegas, the family opted to buy four separate houses that were near each other. Not only did it give the individual wives more space and autonomy, but it allowed them to settle in more quickly.

Will the Browns build one large house?

The Browns have purchased land in Flagstaff intending to build a living space for all four wives, but whether they’ll create one large house with different quarters or four large houses for the family remains up in the air, and the alternative family isn’t letting anyone in on the secret.

Fans, however, have noted that the family split the land they purchased into four separate parcels with each wife owning one parcel with their spiritual husband, Kody. Christine’s plot is allegedly the largest, with Meri, Janelle, and Robyn receiving parcels that all measure around 2 acres. If they were planning to build one large house, it is unlikely that they would have split the land into separate plots.

Where are the Browns living now?

While the family has purchased land and are planning to build their dream home, or homes, in Flagstaff, they aren’t there just yet. According to In Touch, the family is currently residing in four separate rentals that are spread across the inclusive city.

Flagstaff, Arizona (Getty Images)

While it may not be ideal for a plural family, the distance between the wives may be helpful. In recent years fans have noticed building tension between the wives. Not only do Christine and Meri seem to have difficulty communicating, but the first three wives seem to take issue with Kody’s legal wife, Robyn. It is rumored that Kody spends the vast majority of his time hanging out with Robyn, leaving his other three wives starved for attention.