‘Sister Wives’: Is the Brown Family Going Broke?

The Browns might be starting their lives over in Flagstaff, Arizona, but it looks like the family of 23 won’t be able to escape one thing, their debt. Fans began questioning the financial health of the family way back in 2018, but now that the reality stars have purchased a large parcel of land, plus a home in Flagstaff, all while failing to sell some of the homes they own in Las Vegas, it looks like the Brown’s are teetering on the edge of financial peril.

The houses in Vegas are not selling

When the family uprooted their lives in Utah, they were quick to settle down in Las Vegas. With an army of small children to raise it was essential to the family to ensure all of the kids felt settled quickly. They purchased four homes in the same neighborhood in an attempt to keep the kid’s lives as healthy as possible.

While Kody had dreams of moving from Vegas for years, the actual move was poorly executed. The family still owns several houses in Vegas, despite them spending months on the real estate market. The family allegedly believed the homes would sell quickly, but all four had to have their prices reduced to get any interested buyers. Two of the four family homes have been sold, including one that just had the listing removed in April 2019 after being initially listed in July 2018.

Christine and Kody purchased a house on top of the parcel of land

While the Browns have plans to build on a plot they bought before they officially moved to Flagstaff, Christine Brown went ahead and purchased an already completed house in the city. The reasoning for the purchase remains unclear, but according to real estate documents, Kody and Christine are both listed as owners of the property.

According to Heavy, the $520,000 property was purchased for Christine while the other sister wives are renting homes. Even sister wife, Meri, who has been on the outs with her family is renting a massive living space. The empty-nester’s rental house allegedly has four bedrooms spread across 4,200 square feet.

The parcel cost the Brown’s $820,000

The parcel, located in Flagstaff, that the Browns purchased cost a staggering $820,000. The family of 23 allegedly only put down 10% according to The International Business Times. The location does not currently have any housing structures on the property.

According to New Home Source, a custom structure generally takes between 10 and 16 months to complete. While it is true that some homes can be put together in as little as four months, the Browns haven’t even decided what type of home they’d like just yet. The family was playing around with the idea of building one large house that offered separate wings for each wife, but it seems they’ve nixed the idea and are planning to fabricate four different houses on the land.

So, is the Brown family going broke?

It’s hard to say if the family is out of money, or if they are looking to bide their time until they can find the right homes to build on their new property. However, fans worry that the unsold houses and the expensive parcel of land could spell financial ruin for the super-sized alternative family.

Even if they haven’t run out of money yet, fans are worried that the family’s patriarch is making irresponsible financial decisions. With so many mouths to feed and four wives, Kody’s financial health should be a top priority. The family’s show is also not a promised income, and at any time any money they are making from filming could disappear. If that were to happen, would the Brown’s be able to survive in Flagstaff or anywhere else? Only time will tell.