‘Sister Wives’: Is The Brown Family Land Finally Inhabitable?

While the Brown family dealt with the Museum fires, Robyn Brown’s landlords had a fire sale of their own. The owner of the expansive rental home that Robyn had occupied since moving to Flagstaff last year listed the house for sale in May 2019. As of Aug. 1, the house had officially been sold. What Robyn is doing seems to be up in the air at the moment, and she isn’t offering fans any clues, either. Everyone, however, is curious; is the Coyote Pass property finally inhabitable?

Where is Robyn Brown going to live?

With the rental home officially sold, Robyn Brown will likely need to vacate the residence sooner rather than later. Where she is living is simply unknown because Robyn has all but disappeared from social media. The mother of five’s last post on Instagram was way back in March 2019. That is around the time the reality TV star abandoned her online business, My Sisterwife’s Closet.

If the Coyote Pass property is not yet ready, Robyn will likely need to rent another house. Currently, the Brown family is scattered across the greater Flagstaff area. Meri and Janelle Brown both occupy rentals. Third wife, Christine Brown, owns a home in the city. She purchased the house when she allegedly couldn’t find a landlord willing to accept her pets.

Is the family’s land ready?

Back on July 15, Janelle posted photos from what looks like the family’s parcel of land. The snapshot suggests the family had “dinner reservations” at the spot. Eagle-eyed fans insist the photo is from their property, but there doesn’t appear to be a structure on the site. There is also no sign of construction work going on.

The parcel was purchased in 2018, but the family seemed to disagree about what, exactly, to do with it. The family patriarch had originally floated the idea of building one large house with wings. The parcel, however, was later divided into four separate plots, indicating that they’d be building different structures on each lot, according to The Ashley Reality Roundup.

Meri has eagerly escaped Flagstaff

If construction is on-going, there is one member of the Sister Wives cast who hasn’t been there to oversee the project. Meri Brown has spent much of her summer traipsing across the lower 48 states. Recently, Brown traveled to Utah for a family event. She was later spotted in Chicago hanging out with her daughter and soon-to-be daughter-in-law.

Meri headed home to Flagstaff briefly with one of Mariah’s pooches in tow, before she sent him back to his mom and jetted off to California. Meri’s most recent snapshots on Instagram indicate she took her sister on a trip so she could finally see the ocean. Interestingly enough, Meri thanked her LuLaRoe business for making the trip happen. She hasn’t mentioned her husband or sister wives in months.

It has long been rumored that Meri is only part of the family when filming is going on. Her Instagram feed seems to offer some concrete evidence to back up that theory. She has been posting regularly, but her family is rarely featured and frankly, her heart doesn’t seem to be in Flagstaff.