‘Sister Wives’: Janelle Brown Snaps Back at Fans on Twitter

Janelle Brown has had an exciting couple of weeks on Twitter. The mother of six took to Twitter last week to voice her opinion on a competing reality show about plural marriage, and fans roasted her for it. Now she is replying to fans on the social media platform who voiced concerns about her son Gabriel, and she’s not being nice about it.

What was the tweet that got under Janelle’s skin?

While fans watched the Brown family move from Las Vegas to Flagstaff, Arizona just last week, the actual move took place nearly a year ago. When the family decided to leave their longtime home, not everyone was thrilled about the prospect; the most dissenting voice was that of Janelle and Kody’s son Gabriel. Gabe appeared in several clips regarding the move and even had a private one-on-one conversation with his mother regarding his feelings. He took a final stand against the move when he downright refused to pack a single box from his bedroom ahead of the family’s scheduled departure.

Fans who watched the finale took to Twitter to voice their concerns and Janelle seemed to take most of the commentary in stride – that is until a fan suggested she wanted to start a donation page to help Gabriel stay in Las Vegas. The comment, although likely meant as a light commentary on the high school students’ feelings regarding moving, clearly struck a nerve with his mother. Janelle snapped back, asking the user if she could start a donation page to get her kids away from her.

Fans reacted to Janelle’s reply

Fans were quick to reply to Janelle’s comment, and their feelings were pretty mixed. While some fans agreed with Janelle for snapping back at the fan, others worried that the advocate of polygamy wasn’t taking Gabriel’s feelings and concerns seriously. While Janelle shows serious concern about how the move would affect the teen and his remaining high school years, she ended up folding under the pressure of the family’s patriarch.

Janelle may be concerned with Gabriel’s well-being, but in the end, the family headed off to Flagstaff with the emotional teen in tow. There is no word on how Gabriel adjusted to life in the small town after spending his formative years in Vegas, but some fans wondered why he couldn’t stay behind with his sister who lives in Vegas to finish out his high school career.

Kody thinks Gabriel was being overly dramatic

Janelle’s clapback caused some controversy in the last week, but fans were far more irritated by Kody Brown’s thoughts on Gabriel’s feelings. According to In Touch, Kody referred to Gabriel as “extremely dramatic” for his reaction to the move. Kody continued his rant by suggesting that while he understands moving is hard; there were more important things at stake than Gabriel’s high school career.

Fans took to Twitter to suss out who was in the wrong, and plenty sided with Gabriel. Not only did they find the teen’s feelings entirely legitimate, but they were concerned that Kody didn’t seem particularly interested in how the move was going to affect the kids who spent most of their lives in Vegas.

The Brown family have failed to provide fans with the real reason behind the move. In some clips, Kody suggests it is a cost-cutting measure, but it seems like anything but; The Browns purchased a parcel of land and one house all before selling off the four homes they own in Las Vegas. If anything, the move seems like it would be a financial drain.