‘Sister Wives’: Janelle Brown’s House Is Sold, But There Are Two More Left to Go!

Two houses down, two to go! The Brown family officially unloaded the second of four homes in Las Vegas, nearly a year after they picked up and moved to Flagstaff, Arizona.

In the last few weeks, fans have become concerned about the state of the plural family’s finances after it became clear that they had left Vegas without ridding their bank account of four hefty mortgages. Thankfully the load just got a bit lighter for the family of 23, but what are they going to do with the two properties that just don’t seem to be moving?

When did Janelle sell her house?

According to Soap Dirt, Janelle allegedly listed the home for sale by herself. The former real estate agent was sure she’d be able to get a buyer, but after months on the market, she pulled the $649,000 listing. Shortly thereafter the house was relisted through the Tom Love Group.

The real estate group dropped the house price to $599,000, created promotional material and even offered an open house with a guest appearance by Kody Brown to try and get the property to move, but there were simply no bites. Another price drop, however, did the trick. As of April 2019, Janelle’s house is officially under contract; with the new owner slated to take possession of the property before the end of June.

The Tom Love Group is allegedly the same real estate agency that helped Robyn unload her house back in February. The 5-bedroom, 3.5 bathroom home sold for $603,000 on February 28, according to Estately.   

What’s going on with Christine house?

While Robyn’s home flew off the shelves in February 2019, just weeks after being listed, both Meri and Christine’s homes continue to languish. Christine was the first sister wife to list her property in June 2018. Several price reductions have done nothing to get the expansive home sold.

Rumors swirled early in the week that Christine finally had a buyer, but as it turns out, the house’s listing was just temporarily removed. The Bown family has neither confirmed nor denied removing the listing. In fact, they have remained relatively quiet about the status of their real estate endeavors.

According to Realtor, there are several reasons someone may temporarily remove a house listing. The real estate experts note that anything from a need to improve a home’s feature to an oversaturated market.