‘Sister Wives’: Janelle Drops A Bombshell Statement During Tell-All That Leaves Fans Feeling Sad

Sister Wives fans tuned in last night to watch the Brown family hash out the shows most recent season. While the vast majority of the two-part episode was a yawn, there were a few eye-opening moments. Fans literally can’t stop talking about Janelle’s thoughts on her plural marriage. Janelle’s statement hit viewers hard and seemed to corroborate what viewers have long suspected; The Brown family’s plural living situation is nowhere near comfortable or lovely most of the time.

Janelle endorses plural marriage as “not that great.”

Janelle, in a particularly candid moment, admitted that the first five, ten and even 20 years of her marriage were “not that great.” The mother-of-six and real estate broker has long been an advocate of plural marriage, so the statement took a lot of viewers by surprise. They were left wondering why the feisty blond would stay locked into a living situation that, by her own measure, hasn’t been all that wonderful.

Janelle seems to have her reasons, however. As a second wife, Janelle was the first family member to bring a child into the fold. She went on to have five more but has long noted that Christine found the day-to-day operations of child raising to be far more fulfilling than she ever did. With a couple of extra wives on hand, Janelle had a bit more freedom to pursue her career. Even if it was practical, it seems that having extra wives hasn’t been all sunshine and roses for the Flagstaff resident.

How did Jenelle come into the family?

According to Becoming Sister Wives, Janelle joined the family in a somewhat unconventional way. Kody Brown’s second wife was married to Meri Brown’s brother for a short time before meeting Meri and Kody. She claims that she instantly felt a connection with Kody, and from there, things just seemed to flow. While her retelling of events in the family’s book seems magical, the mother-of-six may not have been ready for polygamy.

Janelle was not born into a polygamist lifestyle. In fact, she notes she was raised as a traditional Mormon, a group that has long demonized plural marriage. She was introduced to the concept after marrying Adam Barber, and she felt like plural marriage was her calling. Some of Janelle’s statements, however, suggest that she was more into the idea of plural marriage for the childrearing help it would provide instead of the spiritual principle.

Janelle once left the family

Janelle’s commitment to plural marriage hasn’t been unwavering. At one point she did leave the family and move into her own apartment. While she allegedly maintained a relationship with Kody, she was separated from the rest of the family. Eventually, Janelle did move back in. Fans have theorized she only returned to the entire family unit when she was offered a private living space in Utah.

What prompted her to leave remains a mystery, but fans believe the sister wives have never had an easy time getting along. It would make sense that jealousy and fighting would be common. After all, four women are vying for the attention of one man. That can’t be easy, even if the man in question is Kody Brown.