‘Sister Wives’: Kody and Robyn Battle Over Kody’s Commitment to Flagstaff

Kody Brown seemed all-in when fans watched the family of 23 pack several moving vans in Las Vegas. The July 2018 move was a culmination of months of work on Kody’s part. Not only did he have to convince four wives and a handful of kids that leaving their surroundings was a good idea, but he also needed to find a place for everyone to live. Now, however, it seems like Brown isn’t entirely committed to staying in Flagstaff, even after plunking down nearly $1 million on a piece of undeveloped property.

Kody Brown says he can’t guarantee

The first part of the Sister Wives Tell-All special was a real eye-opener for fans. Not only did Kody share that he’s working to repair his damaged relationship with first wife Meri, but he also suggested that he’s not willing to guarantee that Flagstaff will be the family’s final stop. The discussion between Kody and fourth wife, Robyn, got particularly tense; it clued viewers in on the fact that the family’s home base is an ongoing battle between the pair.

Robyn and Kody presented a united front in the series’ 13th season while trying to convince the rest of the family that Arizona was the place to be, but there appears to be a crack in the relationship now. Kody quipped that he couldn’t make that promise because Robyn would hold him to it, leading some fans to wonder if he’s already dreaming of a new location.

Robyn Brown calls Kody out on his lack of commitment

Robyn Brown was feeling feisty during the family’s tell-all special on TLC. Not only did she huff at several of Kody’s statement, but she directly called him out for his lack of commitment regarding Flagstaff. The 37-year-old legal wife called Brown out on his lack of commitment to The Grand Canyon state.

Kody’s lackluster response to her pleas to consider Flagstaff the family’s last home might be especially nerve-wracking for Robyn. Fans have theorized that the entire reason the Browns currently reside in Arizona is because of Robyn. Eagle-eyed fans believe that Robyn’s oldest son, Dayton, is currently attending college in the state and Robyn wanted to move to remain close. Moving again could mean Robyn would be forced to leave Dayton behind, something she appears to be vehemently against. 

The rest of the wives seem unsurprised

While Robyn is certainly hellbent on staying in Flagstaff for the rest of her life, the other sister wives aren’t particularly shocked the Kody is refusing t commit to the location as a permanent move. In the lead-up to their Flagstaff move, Brown insisted that the entire family was going to be happy in Flagstaff. He even reasoned that Vegas was never intended to be the family’s home base.

Meri Brown, Janelle Brown and Christine Brown all seem confident that Flagstaff is unlikely to be the family’s last residence, and their past has something to do with it. According to the family’s tell-all episode on TLC, the Brown family moved a whopping 19 times before settling in Vegas for the last seven years.

Meri, who married Kody in 1990 followed the plural family patriarch between Utah and Wyoming several times. When the family added Janelle and Christine several more moves took place. They continued to traverse four states as a family until Robyn appeared on the scene in 2010. Robyn has only endured two moves with the family; first out of Utah into a Vegas rental home. They finally settled into a gated community in the state.