‘Sister Wives’: Kody Brown Spotted Without His Wedding Ring

Kody Brown was out and about in Arizona the other day. He apparently rolled up to a local gym in one of his signature sports cars and was sporting the man bun that first made him famous, but he was missing one crucial thing – his wedding ring.

Where was Kody’s ring?

Kody Brown
Kody Brown | Photo by Denise Truscello/Getty Images for Global Gaming Expo)

Kody Brown might have been out sans his ring, but there are plenty of reasons why the Sister Wives star might have left it at home. Brown allegedly stopped by a gym in the city for a workout. He was conspicuously not wearing his ring on that day, but a lot of people don’t wear jewelry when they work out.

More suspicious than his lack of a ring was apparently his behavior. According to the Hollywood Gossip, Kody looked single and ready to mingle, but his upbeat spirit doesn’t mean he’s on the prowl. There have been rumors that Brown added a fifth wife to his family. While the family has never confirmed the story, it’s possible Brown is actively dating. Overall, it doesn’t seem like the missing ring means much. There are a few other things that seem to be going on that are cause for concern.

Reports suggest Kody has been staying with only Robyn

When the Browns first showed up on television screens, they were pretty in-depth about their living situation. During the pilot, Brown explained that he rotated between his three (now four wives) throughout the week. He basically suggested he would spend one night with Meri, then one night with Christine, then one night with Janelle before they started a new cycle. Things, however, seem to be different now.

Radar Online has reported that Brown appears to have been at Robyn’s home for well over a week. According to the article, Brown’s cars were spotted at the 7-bedroom estate each night for over a week. Christine, who was out of town to visit her children returned to Flagstaff on May 11, but Kody didn’t rush to visit her. In fact, Brown was not spotted with any of his wives on Mother’s Day. Kody shares six children, each with Janelle and Christine. He also shares five children with Robyn Brown and one with Meri.

Fans report that Flagstaff isn’t all that welcoming to the alternative family

Kody Brown seemingly walked his wives into financial ruin with the move to Flagstaff. The family not only owes back taxes, but they also have one home in Las Vegas that they just can’t seem to sell. Now, it’s being suggested that Flagstaff isn’t nearly as welcoming as Kody insisted it would be.

It is possible that Janelle and Meri, the two wives who were most against the move to Flagstaff, may be resenting the patriarch. Meri is the owner of two successful businesses, while Janelle has long considered herself financial independent. It is possible that the pair are being forced to carry the financial weight of the family.

Robyn, however, seems to be the wife that most benefited from leaving Nevada. In fact, some fans think that Robyn is the entire reason the family left the inclusive and bustling city. Robyn’s eldest son, Dayton is believed to be attending college in Flagstaff. Robyn also recently shut down her business, leaving her with plenty of free time.