‘Sister Wives’: Mariah Brown Considered Plural Marriage at One Time

Mariah Brown, the only child of Meri Brown and Kody Brown’s first daughter, recently came out to her family. Now engaged to Audrey Kriss, Mariah is living her very best life in Chicago, far from the plural marriages of her parents in Flagstaff, Arizona. The star, however, told People, recently that managing her sexuality and being okay with it was a long and somewhat arduous road.

Mariah Brown considered having sister wives

The out and proud graduate student once considered plural marriage for herself, according to reports.  Mariah’s statements regarding plural marriage appeared on multiple episodes of Sister Wives. During her early teen years, she was open to the idea and even outright suggested she was all-in on living a polygamist lifestyle.

In 2016, however, Mariah had a change of heart. The then 20-year-old college student switched her position on plural marriage, announcing that it was not for her. 2016 was right around the time Mariah started seeing Audrey and coming to terms with her homosexuality. It’s possible that her new relationship and expanded world view changed her thought process.

Do any of the other Brown kids want multiple spouses?

So far no Brown child has said they are interested in plural marriage. Madison Brown, 22, got married in 2016 and announced that she would not be following in the family’s footsteps. Later that year Mykelti Brown announced her engagement to Tony Padron. The pair agreed that a monogamous lifestyle was the way they would go.

Logan Brown, the oldest of the Brown kids, asked his longtime girlfriend to marry him in 2017, according to People. The pair have agreed that polygamy is not for them. Logan made news in 2017 when photos of the then college student partying surfaced.

Mariah admits she was once homophobic

Brown, in her interview with People, went into detail about how she came to grips with her sexuality, even noting that she was once homophobic. Brown told the magazine that her Utah church was so anti-gay that she suffered some sleepless nights and panic attacks over the thought of being gay herself.

Brown is quick to note that her parent never offered commentary on the gay community, and never uttered an unkind word about the lifestyle. The church teachings, however, were enough to sway her thinking. She was once a self-proclaimed homophobe until she encountered a gay tour guide when looking at colleges. The guide, whose name has not been released, allegedly opened Brown’s eyes to a lifestyle that she had long been denying.

Once she picked a college, another chance encounter changed her life. Brown met her fiancée Kriss in school, and the pair became fast friends before making things official. Brown recently came out to her parents, who took the news well, although they did need to process the information for a bit.