‘Sister Wives’: Mariah Brown Wants Fans to Know She’s Still With Audrey Kriss

Sister Wives fans have a lot to be concerned about. The Brown family seems to be in a constant state of turmoil. Meri Brown appears to be heading towards a solo lifestyle, as the reality TV family continuously runs into filming trouble. There is one thing fans don’t need to worry about, though. Mariah Brown’s relationship is doing just fine. The eldest daughter of Kody Brown and Meri shocked fans when she announced her engagement to Audrey Kriss earlier in the year. In recent weeks, though, followers were concerned that the couple may have called it quits. Mariah is helping to ease those concerns with a recent Instagram post.  

Why were fans concerned about Mariah and Audrey

Mariah and Audrey moved to Chicago together in September 2018. The pair, who dated for two years before getting engaged, packed up their Las Vegas lives so that Mariah could pursue higher education in the Windy City, according to The Hollywood Gossip. As the pair embarked on their journey together, their Instagram feeds were spotted with photos together.

That changed recently. Fans noted that Audrey didn’t appear in a single Instagram shot on Mariah’s page since the summer. Mariah’s last appearance on Audrey’s page came in October. The social media hiatus led some fans to assume the couple had parted ways, and great sadness fell upon the Sister Wives world.

Mariah lets fans know all is well in her relationship

Fans didn’t have to worry for long, though. Mariah clearly has her ears in the world of social media. Shortly after fans began speculating about the status of the couple’s relationship, she took to Instagram to put everyone’s mind at ease. In an Instagram Story, Mariah added an adorable snapshot of the couple together. They look perfectly content and appear to be chugging along, although they haven’t shared a wedding date just yet.

Mariah couldn’t let the opportunity to post a sarcastic snip pass her by, though. The story was complete with a caption reading “posts a picture, so people know you’re still together.” She added a winking emoji to the caption. Mariah, while somewhat private, is more easily accessible than several of her siblings, but she never misses an opportunity to swipe at Sister Wives critics.

Mariah’s relationship may be fine, but is her mother’s relationship doing alright?

Meri is trying to dispel rumors that there is trouble afoot, too. She, however, didn’t manage to share a snapshot of herself with her husband. Instead, Meri took to Instagram to share a photo with her sister wives, likely in an attempt to quiet chatter that she is on the outs with the entire family.

Meri, however, has been far more active on Instagram than her daughter, and fans can’t help but notice that she’s been doing a ton of solo traveling. The mother of one has spent time all over the United States since the show wrapped its 13th season in April 2019. She’s regularly visited Utah, Las Vegas, and Chicago. She’s done most of that traveling seemingly alone, leaving fans wondering if there is trouble in the polygamist family. While Meri’s attempted to assuage those concerns with Instagram posts, fans remain unconvinced.