Sister Wives: Meri and Kody Allege They are Starting Over

During the Sister Wive’s tell-all to recap Season 13, fans were informed that Meri and Kody are starting over in their relationship. The pair was rocked by Meri’s catfishing scandal in 2015, and have had a difficult time finding common ground since.

Rumors have also swirled that the empty-nester has been seen around town dating other men and is actively separating from the family in a slow and painful process. In fact, some fans surmise that the mother-of-one is only involved with the rest of the Brown family for filming purposes. If what is being said on the tell-all is to be believed, Kody is actively pursuing his first wife again; and wife number 4 doesn’t seem particularly jazzed about it.

Why is Kody pursuing Meri again?

Kody has admitted that the pair got to a place that was “nasty” but is looking towards the future. He alleges that he is approaching the entire relationship as brand new; as if Meri is his girlfriend all over again. Meri agreed that the change needed to be drastic to save their romance, but the pair seem to differ in how they view the rift, and exactly when it happened.

While Kody claims the change was sudden and abrupt, Meri disagrees. The first wife of the plural family claims the problems were evident, at least to her, for a long time. While the business owner claims she had no desire to discuss the catfishing incident ever again, it seems inevitable when talking about her rift with her husband of nearly 30 years.

The differences in how the couple views their troubled journey together are not all that uncommon. According to Psychology Today, the “walk away wife” is not a rare phenomenon. Women file nearly two-thirds of divorces.

A licensed clinical social worker, Michele Weiner-Davis, asserts that women often do much of the emotional labor in the early years of a relationship, and eventually suffer fatigue. While they stop complaining about problems, they are never truly resolved. While the husband often thinks the issues have been dealt, the woman is crafting an exit strategy. It can be suggested that Meri’s online affair and her solo business ventures may have been her exit strategy.

Is Meri’s independence suddenly attractive?

Some fans wonder if Meri’s indifference towards the family may have helped Kody turn a corner. While there were apparent problems between Meri, Kody and her sister wives, she began making changes in her own life. Not only did Meri pursue a couple of solo business ventures, but she appears to be engaging with the community. It’s possible that the independent streak made Kody think about what he’d be losing if Meri walked away.

Fourth wife Robyn, however, couldn’t seem to hide her contempt at the current situation on this season’s tell-all episode. Reddit fans actively discussed how Kody’s legal wife quickly attempted to turn the conversation back to herself when the family tried to explain Meri and Kody’s blossoming relationship. Could Robyn be feeling a little left out?