‘Sister Wives’: Meri Brown Celebrates Major Solo Milestone

Sister Wives will be returning to TLC in 2020. A recent trailer shows the family battling plenty of drama this season, but that doesn’t mean everything is going poorly for every member of the Brown family. In fact, Meri Brown seems to be doing just fine, and her burgeoning business in Utah is doing well, too. Could her business’ success indicate that Meri is ready to leave her polygamist lifestyle behind? It’s possible.

Lizzie Heritage Inn celebrates its second anniversary

Things might not be going well for the Brown family in Flagstaff, but Meri is celebrating her own victory with her bed and breakfast. The reality TV personality and mother-of-one, took to Instagram to share some exciting news with her fans, Lizzie Heritage Inn just celebrated its second anniversary, and business appears to be booming.

The inn, which houses four guest rooms, has a 4.7 rating on Google and a solid 5-star rating on Facebook. Those who have stayed at the inn have called it charming and peaceful, and many have raved about the staff that runs the establishment. Meri appears to be more involved with the business than ever before, too. Fans have noted she seems to travel back to Parowan, Utah quite often.

While things seem to be going well, the Inn did get off to a rocky start. Kody Brown, as well as Meri’s sister wives, questioned her intentions with the business, according to Heavy. Fans have questioned her plans, too.

Why is the Inn so important to Meri Brown?

The Inn is something that Meri worked long and hard on. Not only is the business her own personal passion project, but it’s pretty significant to her family, too. The Inn was built by Meri’s great-great-grandparents in 1870, according to the inn’s official website. The property was owned by Meri’s family for four generations but was sold to another family in the 1980s.

The loss of the property really hit Meri hard, apparently. For 20 years, she dreamed of bringing the property back to her family, and when the opportunity arose, she went for it. That doesn’t mean Kody or her sister wives were onboard, though. That’s the way Meri wanted it, too. The LuLaRoe consultant and empty-nester told her family that she wanted the project to be a solo one, allegedly because of the property’s ties to her own family. Meri’s mother currently resides in the inn and runs it daily.

Fans think it might be Meri’s nest egg

Meri’s overwhelming desire to run the business on her own didn’t just give her family pause, it made fans question her intentions, too. To say Meri’s relationship with Kody has been icy in recent years is an understatement, and things don’t seem to be getting much better. Some fans have theorized that Meri was set on having the business in only her name because she is planning a solo life.

If the trailer for the upcoming season of Sister Wives is any indication, Meri might be leaving the Brown family sooner rather than later. In fact, it seems like Kody is done dealing with Meri and has switched to pitting his remaining wives against her. That personal business could be just what Meri needs to embark on her own life as a single woman.