‘Sister Wives’: Meri Brown Documents the Wildfire Burning Close to her Home

The Brown family made a controversial move from Las Vegas to Flagstaff, Arizona last year. While Kody Brown and his fourth wife, Robyn Brown were all-in on the big move, wives, Meri and Janelle were a lot less convinced that it was a good idea. Fans have long suspected the alternative family was running into problems in their new home, and now, they have a natural disaster to contend with. Meri has taken to Instagram live to share updates of a wildfire burning dangerously close to Flagstaff, and she really seems to be freaking out.

Meri Brown has taken to Instagram live to document the fires burning nearby

The Brown family has had a lot of first since arriving in Flagstaff. It is the first time that the family is living in homes that are far apart from one another. Now, they are weathering their first wildfire.

Meri has taken to documenting the event on Instagram live for her viewers, and it seems like the business owner and mother of one is a little nervous about what is happening around her. Since arriving in Flagstaff, Meri has taken to documenting her adventures on the social media platform, but most of the time, her posts are pretty light and airy. Things changed over the weekend when she shared photos of a fire burning not far from her home.

Meri is currently the only wife who lives alone. Meri’s only child, Mariah, now resides in Chicago with her fiancée, Audrey Kriss. Mariah is pursuing a graduate degree in the windy city. Her sister wives are scattered across the city, but her sister wives all have children that still live with them.

Where is the museum fire burning?

The wildfire was first reported over the weekend by fire lookout workers and the public. Since then it has grown exponentially. As of Sunday media outlets were reporting that the fire had overtaken 400 acres close to Mount Elden. 

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According to The Arizona Republic, the fire became incredibly active overnight on Sunday and into Monday. It has reportedly now taken over 1,800 acres. Fears are mounting that the fire could move eastward and begin to impact northern neighborhoods of the city. Several zones are under set evacuation orders, according to media outlets.

Set evacuation orders mean that residents need to be ready to evacuate if they are given the notice. While the fire remains away from Flagstaff’s city limits, residents are dealing with the smoke associated with the wildfire. Areas just north of the city could experience flooding, as well.

Are the Brown family homes in danger?

While smoke is visible from the family homes, and Meri could even see the flames from one of her decks, it doesn’t look like the family is in immediate danger. Right now, the fire is still outside of Flagstaff.

The family has never revealed exactly where in the city they are located; it looks like there are only a select number of neighborhoods on the outskirts of the town that are currently under an evacuation order. The communities presently affected seem to be in the danger zone for flooding rather than fire, though.

Regardless of that fact, all residents are being advised to proceed with caution, especially while driving on highways and parkways. Fire experts are responding to the area, and it looks like the city is looking to keep roads clear for those emergency vehicles.