‘Sister Wives’: Meri Brown Has Fans Speculating About a Potential New Love Interest

Meri Brown might consider herself a one-man woman, even though her husband, Kody Brown, is not a one-woman man. Fans, however, think there might be a potential love connection brewing that could absolutely rock the Sister Wives household. Meri is doing very little to deny the allegations, and her Instagram posts even seem to be fueling it. Is the reality TV personality really gearing up to leave her alternative family, or is she curating drama to keep interest in the show?

Why do fans think Meri has a new man?

Meri seems to be playing along with the desire of fans to see her start her life anew. Meri has been bogged down by negativity and what appears to be misery for a long time. It’s hard to pinpoint exactly when it happened, but many believe that her relationship with Kody went sideways around the time he divorced her to legally marry his fourth wife. While Meri initially claimed she was okay with the decision, it seems like a lot of hurt feelings were involved.

Meri was also embroiled in a catfishing scandal. While the man she was conversing with turned out to be a woman named Jackie, her feelings for him were genuine. Now the businesswoman and TV personality, has taken to posting pictures of herself with several men on Instagram. Not only are fan curious about the men she is spending time with, but they want to know why she is being so bold with the social media proclamations.

After all, the catfishing scandal clearly left some bad feelings. Could Kody be completely okay with the idea of Meri stepping out? A family friend has long insinuated that the Lizzie Heritage Inn owner is only really a part of the family for filming purposes.

The rumors are nothing new, but the man in question is

Rumors have been swirling for years that Meri has been with other men. In Touch reported that the first wife of Kody Brown was regularly stepping out and going on dates. The information was garnered from a former family insider. The friend has spoken openly about the family, including what goes on behind closed doors.

Meri’s latest post showed off a good-looking man. While she didn’t tag him in the photo, Pop Culture alleges his name is Brandon Stone. Meri captioned the snapshot, “And then you meet someone who was right in front of you all along…..”

The caption sent fans into a tailspin, with many flocking to the post to ask if the pair were an item. Meri has been responding to comments but has dodged any direct question about her relationship to the guy in the photo. It appears, however, that the mystery man is somehow related to a family friend. Meri recently traveled back to Utah to attend a funeral. She seemed to be at that funeral solo.

Does Kody Brown care that Meri is posting pictures with men?

The photo and caption are pretty blatant, point out fans. After all, if Meri is trying to rebuild her relationship with Kody, it would seem essential to avoid any indication of an extra-marital affair. Meri, however, appears to be flaunting her interest, and there might be a reason for it. Meri might not actually be a part of the family anymore.

A theory that Meri only hangs out with the Brown family for filming purposes has been floated for months. In fact, while the family was on hiatus from filming, not a single photo of her with a sister wife or Kody showed up on social media. Now that the cameras are rolling around, a picture with Robyn was posted.

Kody is also rumored only to be spending time with his fourth wife, while it is also claimed he could be pursuing wife number five. If that’s true, Meri’s whereabouts are probably the least of his concerns. Both Janelle and Christine Brown have been spotted looking lonely and forlorn in recent months.