‘Sister Wives’: Meri Brown’s Las Vegas Home Has Been Sold!

Christine Brown is officially the last man standing – at least when it comes to the Brown family’s Las Vegas real estate holdings.  Several of the family’s homes sat unoccupied for months after they picked up and moved to Flagstaff, and it was later revealed the family was having some serious money trouble. Not only could they not cover the taxes on their new property in Flagstaff, but they were still paying mortgages on the Las Vegas cul-de-sac properties. Thankfully, they can soon put some money back in the bank because Meri Brown’s home has a pending offer.

When did Meri Brown finally sell her house?

Meri’s house has been sitting on the real estate market since January 2019. Originally listed at $599,000, the house simply didn’t get any bites. The Brown family even tried to get the ball rolling by offering an open house that featured a drop in by Kody Brown himself. It did nothing to garner interest, and in March Meri dropped the price of her home to $574,000, according to Radar Online.

The home finally received an offer on May 7, 2019. According to reports, the offer was accepted by the Brown family, and now they just need to wait for the official closing to consider the property off their payroll.

The sale is likely bittersweet for Meri

Meri recently took to Instagram to tell fans that she was feeling down. She blamed her downtrodden mood on the fact that she missed her life in Las Vegas. Now that her property is officially off the market, it appears like there is no turning back. That’s probably pretty hard for the Kody’s first wife.

Meri was one of the last wives to list her home for sale. In fact, fans were starting to wonder if Meri really wanted to sell the house, or if she would ever feel at home in Flagstaff. With new owners slated to take possession, it looks like she has no option but to make the best of it in The Grand Canyon State.

What is going on with Christine Brown’s house?

Robyn’s house sold quickly in February 2019. Jenelle’s house followed in April 2019 and now Meri’s house has a pending offer that looks like it will go through. That leaves Christine’s house still languishing on the market, and there are some concerns about the home.

Christine was the first Brown to list her home way back in July 2018. Not only was she the first one to list her home, but she’s also the only homeowner to have had a deal fall through. Media outlets reported that Christine’s home was sold back in April, but it quickly reappeared on the market.  Allegedly, she had an interested buyer, but financing was a problem.