‘Sister Wives’: Meri Can’t Get Along with Anyone in the Brown Family

Meri Brown is a polarizing character on Sister Wives. While fans are rooting for the 48-year-old wife of Kody Brown to break free, it seems her own family isn’t a huge fan of her. Meri’s inability to get along with Christine has been well-documented, but it looks like Meri’s feuds aren’t contained to her emotional sparring with wife number three. In fact, at one time or another Meri’s had significant problems with each and every one of Kody’s three other wives and Kody himself.

Meri and Janelle battled it out over jealousy issues

Meri might have been the top dog in the Brown house until she legally divorced Kody in 2014, but it seems that jealousy is a serious issue for the sister wife. According to the family’s book Becoming Sister Wives, Janelle once left the family to get away from the brawls she was having with Meri. According to sources, Janelle, who was once Meri’s sister-in-law before marrying into the Brown family, managed to get pregnant before Meri, which prompted a wave of jealousy. While Meri birthed the pair’s first child a year later, she allegedly harbored resentment for Janelle beating her to the punch.

The fighting allegedly got so bad that Janelle packed up and left the family. She rented an apartment, took a job and seemed done with the sister wife life until Kody bought a house that would allow the family to live together while separately. Janelle eventually moved back in, but Meri and Janelle’s relationship remains chilly.

Robyn secretly hates Meri and is only nice to her for the show

Robyn has serious beef with Meri when the cameras aren’t rolling, and the feud is several years in the making, according to Radar. Way back in 2015 private messages between Robyn and a friend were leaked to media sources, and the texts were anything but kind. In several of the messages, Robyn mentioned that she was tired of Meri’s crap and that Kody had no desire to have another child with his first wife.

The messages were sent around the time that Robyn had offered to be a surrogate for Meri, who has shared her struggle with infertility publicly. Meri had originally pushed Kody to court Robyn, but it turns out she didn’t find an ally in wife number 4, she found another foe.

Kody and Meri are the quintessential divorced couple

While Kody and Meri only divorced so that Kody could legally wed wife number four, they certainly act like they are really divorced. Following Meri’s emotional affair with a catfish, the pair have essentially stopped having a meaningful relationship.

According to The Hollywood Gossip, the couple, along with the sister wives, sat down to discuss their familial issues and Kody admitted that not only does he not want to be intimate with Meri, the pair no longer cohabitate at all. Robyn chimed in to tell everyone that Kody “sometimes says things he shouldn’t say.”

Christine and Meri have never gotten along

Wife number 3, the wife that Kody admitted to not being attracted to because she was “chubby,” is the one family member who obviously doesn’t belong in the plural family lifestyle. Needy and jealous, Christine first took issue with Meri when she was Kody’s legal wife. It seems that Christine always felt like Meri tried to run the family with her legal wife title.

Later, when she was no longer the legal wife, Christine took issue with Meri’s “misery” and even said she makes everyone uncomfortable. Christine, however, seems to have had a problem with each of her sister wives at one point or another, too. She famously stormed off when she found out Kody had helped pick out Robyn’s dress ahead of their commitment ceremony in 2010.