‘Sister Wives’ New Season First Look: Meri Brown’s Neighbors Called the Cops

The new season of Sister Wives will premiere on TLC on Jan. 5, 2020. The Season 9 Sister Wives first look aired on Dec. 17, promising plenty of drama between Kody Brown and his four wives, Meri, Janelle, Christine, and Robyn.

The new season will cover the Browns’ financial troubles and risky move to Flagstaff from Las Vegas, as well as ongoing problems between Kody and Meri, the birth of Maddie Brown Brush‘s daughter Evangalynn, Mariah Brown’s engagement to Audrey Kriss, and more.

The Brown family
The Brown family | Gabe Ginsberg/Getty Images

The Browns’ move threatened their ‘family culture’

As the Season 9 Sister Wives first look began, the Browns moved to Flagstaff during a torrential downpour.

Fourth wife Robyn explained the reasons for the move. The Brown parents were worried about “what the kids were getting exposed to” at school, as they felt Las Vegas had changed over the past few years. “Our hope is that Flagstaff will be a better situation for our children,” she said.

Still, the sudden move was stressing Kody and his wives out. Kody explained that the family was split up all over the city, and they hadn’t even yet found a place for third wife Christine to live.

“Us living this far apart is a change for our culture,” said Robyn. Janelle and Meri chimed in, saying they were worried there wouldn’t be “community” until they built a joint property on Coyote Pass, their land in Arizona.

“I feel like the family structure is in jeopardy,” added Meri, Kody’s first wife, adding that the family wouldn’t remain intact unless they made a “full-on effort to interact with each other.”

The Brown family patriarch said the move was financially and emotionally risky. “We’ve gambled, and we’ve put all our resources in this,” he said on the Sister Wives first look. “We’ve put everything on the table. We’ve invested everything.”

Janelle shared how she came to be part of Kody’s family

The upcoming season of Sister Wives will also address each of the wives’ relationships with Kody. In the first look, second wife Janelle and Kody shared a bit about the beginning of their relationship. “Janelle and I have been married for 25 years, and we have six children,” Kody began.

The couple said they got together three years after Meri and Kody were married. At first, explained Janelle, she saw the Browns as her “novel” polygamist friends, as she grew up in the mainstream Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (Mormon) church.

Soon, however, Meri and Kody’s faith “called” to her. “I felt more and more inclined to adopt their beliefs,” Janelle said. “And after I did, I thought, why not marry the best guy I know? And I did.”

Janelle and Kody’s son Gabriel struggled with the move

In Sister Wives Season 9, the Brown family will also have to convince their children to embrace Flagstaff. In particular, Janelle and Kody’s son Gabriel struggled with the new city.

“Gabe has been really struggling with the move,” said Janelle. “He feels like we uprooted him.” She added that he had to leave his girlfriend and his high school to move to Flagstaff.

“He’s still not very happy about being here,” admitted Kody. In fact, in one clip, none of the kids seemed too thrilled about the upcoming move. Gabriel had never even seen the family’s new property, as he refused to visit Flagstaff until he was “forced.”

Meri’s neighbors called the police as they were moving in

The most dramatic part of the Sister Wives first look sneak peek came when Meri suggested unloading some belongings at her house to avoid the rain.

The Sister Wives star explained that, while Meri and Kody were closing up the trailer, “the police came” into their driveway. “Somebody called the cops on us,” she said, distraught.

As Kody urged his wives just to “make friends” in Flagstaff, Meri appeared to claim the police told her, “nobody in Flagstaff wants to live by you.”

“Our neighbor is outside watching us,” one of the kids said in another clip. Meri explained they were upset because “a wife in a plural family [was] in their neighborhood.”

Janelle said it gave her a “pit in [her] stomach” as she wondered, “What does that mean we’ve moved into?” “What do they think we’re frickin’ gonna do?” Christine added. Sister Wives fans will be able to see how the police call turned out early in Season 9 in 2020.