‘Sister Wives’: Robyn Brown Says Polygamy Makes Her Feel ‘Disenfranchised’ in New Trailer

Sister Wives returns with more from Kody Brown and his four wives, Meri, Janelle, Christine, and Robyn Brown, on Sun., Jan. 5 on TLC.

The network just released a preview trailer for Season 9 which promises explosive drama. The new season will also feature the family’s financial struggles and the Browns’ move from Las Vegas to Flagstaff.

Meri, Janelle, Christine, Kody, and Robyn Brown
Meri, Janelle, Christine, Kody, and Robyn Brown | Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

The new ‘Sister Wives’ season will cover the Browns’ financial struggles

On Dec. 11, TLC dropped a preview trailer for the new Sister Wives season on Instagram.

The Brown family has struggled with their finances for quite some time, and it looks like the move to Flagstaff will strain the Sister Wives‘ pocketbooks even more. For one thing, said Janelle Brown in the preview trailer, selling the family’s real estate in Las Vegas proved to be more difficult than they’d imagined.

“I’ve been coming back to Vegas every weekend to hold open houses…there’s been no interest in the homes,” Janelle admitted in the clip.

“Look, financially, we’re drowning,” agreed third wife Christine.

When Janelle warned Kody that it might take a full year before all the Vegas homes were sold, her husband said it would leave them financially devastated. “Ladies, I will tell you, if that happens, and that cannot happen, that will break us,” Kody warned his wives in a family meeting.

Will the Browns move in together?

Before their move to Flagstaff, the Browns were divided over moving in together as a single family unit. While Kody’s four wives lived together in Utah, the family decided against it when they moved to Nevada.

Still, the Brown family patriarch is in favor of revisiting the idea. In a presentation about the possibility of a shared home, Kody told his family, “I believe in this ideal that we should be living in one home.”

But his wives and children didn’t look convinced. Christine said point blank about moving in with her sister wives, “I’m not gonna do it. Not for a second.”

“I think they’re looking at one thing and solely that one thing,” Kody confessed of his wives’ reluctance to move in together. “How much am I going to see the face of that other woman?”

In Season 9, Sister Wives viewers will also get to see the home birth of daughter Maddie Brown Brush‘s second child with her husband Caleb Brush. Mariah Brown, Meri and Kody’s daughter, will also get engaged to her fiancee Audrey Kriss in the new episodes.

Kody says he and Meri aren’t ‘acting married’ and accused his first wife of playing ‘the victim’

Kody Brown and his first wife Meri have had problems in their marriage for years, beginning with their legal divorce so Kody could adopt fourth wife Robyn’s three children from a previous marriage. Meri’s catfishing scandal, in which she had an online romantic relationship with a woman posing as a man, nearly broke Meri and Kody’s marriage.

It looks like the problems haven’t gotten any better, judging by a marital therapy session in the Sister Wives trailer. “We’re family, but we’re not acting married,” Kody told his and Meri’s therapist.

Meri said it was Kody’s decision for the couple to grow apart. “He doesn’t want to try to move forward with working things out with me,” she said. “I can never be honest because she’s unable to move away from being the vicitm,” he pushed back.

Robyn said she felt ‘disenfranchised’ by plural marriage

In another scene from the Sister Wives trailer, Kody and Robyn argued as second wife Janelle looked on. “I’m constantly doing her dance!” Kody complained about Meri. “That’s your relationship with her. Not mine!” Robyn yelled back, seeming to want to stay out of the couple’s problems.

That’s when things got intense. Kody accused Robyn of not standing up for herself in the ongoing issues with Meri. “I was already giving you everybody else’s table scraps, Robyn. Do you think that’s fair?” he said to his fourth wife. “Stop defending Meri. Stop acting like you’re not getting the s*** end of the stick here.”

“I’m not! It’s just, plural marriage makes you feel disenfranchised sometimes,” Robyn admitted to her husband, looking forlorn.

Fans had mixed reactions to the explosive trailer

Many Sister Wives fans were surprised to hear that Kody thought Robyn was getting “table scraps,” as she has long been suspected to be the favorite wife. “How is she at the $#it end of the stick?” one fan wrote under the trailer. “Meri was the LEGAL WIFE and gave that position up for this chick because of Kody and his selfish ways.”

Others encouraged Meri to leave Kody and start a new life without him. “I wish Meri could just leave and find herself a man who will treat her better,” one Sister Wives viewer wrote.