‘Sister Wives’: Robyn Browns Business Has Shut Down, What Does It Mean for the Show’s Future?

What is with reality TV stars seemingly abandoning their online businesses? Last month it was reported that Teen Mom 2 stars Tyler Baltierra and Catelyn Lowell abandoned their children’s clothing boutique, Tierra Reign. Now the reigning legal wife of the Sister Wives cast, Robyn, has seemingly flounced from her online jewelry business,  My SisterWife’s Closet, amid massive financial concerns for the family. So, what’s going on and will Robyn ever return to the venture that was allegedly her “dream”?

When did My Sisterwife’s Closet shut down?

During the move from Nevada to Arizona, there was a slight break in the business, but by August Robyn was up and running in her new state. She went through the trouble of transferring the business to Arizona and everything, but by March 2019 it looks like the shine was starting to wear off. The jewelry and clothing business’ social media profiles went quiet around that time.

A few weeks before Mother’s Day, the entire operation shut down. While the website tells fans to check back soon because they are updating the site, it seems like an odd time to go on hiatus. The jewelry industry has a few hectic times, and Mother’s Day is one of them. According to the Los Angeles Times, spending on jewelry spikes during the week leading up to the Sunday holiday.

Why would Robyn close shop?

The Brown family is having some serious cash flow issues. Not only is their show not officially renewed yet, but they incurred a ton of debt during the moving process. Slow moving real estate in Las Vegas, and the purchase of a large property in Arizona, plus a new home has made the family a bit cash poor. With a tax debt looming over their head, it doesn’t really seem like a good time to shut down one of the family’s successful businesses, but Soap Dirt theorizes that maybe the family is filming.

The theory holds a bit of credence. If Robyn is busy trying to film a new season it would make sense that the family business would be pushed to the back burner. Reddit fans, however, think there is another explanation. They theorize that the entire jewelry business went down in flames because the styles don’t really fit the needs of their customers. One fan noted; “They have the most hideous sense of style (I laugh even saying style lol). It’s super preteen and cheap looking.”

Is another season in the works for the Brown Family?

 TLC, the network responsible for Sister Wives, has neither confirmed nor denied that the Browns would be back for another season. The writing, hower, seems to be on the wall. According to the Business Times, the show has had a pretty drastic decrease in viewership over the last several seasons, and Season 13 did absolutely nothing to reinvigorate interest in the family.

The cast of 'Sister Wives'
Christine Brown, Janelle Brown, Kody Brown, Robyn Brown and Meri Brown | Photo by Marcel Thomas/FilmMagic

Add in the fact that Season 13 was filmed more than a year ago, and there has been no word of shooting in Flagstaff since the move, it’s possible that the Brown story will end on a low note – at least as far as the TLC show goes. It’s possible the family could land on another network with a completely reworked concept, but nothing has been confirmed. Both TLC and the Brown family have been incredibly tight-lipped about the future of the show, but that is absolutely nothing new.