‘Sister Wives’: The Brown Family Owes Back Taxes in Arizona as Nevada Properties Prove Hard to Sell

Many Sister Wives fans were seriously concerned when the Brown family packed up and headed to Flagstaff. Not only did they worry about how the move was affecting some of the kids, but they also wondered precisely how the plural family was planning to pay for everything moving forward. With four Las Vegas houses, three rental properties in Flagstaff, one purchased home, and a large plot of land fans were concerned that the family bit off more than they can chew. Their concerns have just been confirmed.

According to Radar Online, the Brown family has failed to pay their property taxes to the city of Flagstaff on several properties. The property taxes that have not been paid are now accruing interest and are in danger of heading to auction.

How much do the Browns owe the city?

Radar spoke with The Coconino County Treasurer’s Office and found that the family owes $2,000 on a parcel of land that is in Kody, Robyn and Christine’s name. They also owe $1,990 on a plot of land listed in Kody, Meri and Jenelle’s names.

The family also owes nearly $1,500 on a property in Flagstaff that was purchased for Christine. The home was allegedly purchased when Christine failed to find a rental that would accept her pets.

What happens if the Brown family doesn’t pay their property taxes?

The Brown family may be in hot water with the city of Flagstaff, thanks to their property tax delinquency. According to Nolo, Arizona state law dictates how a city can deal with property tax delinquency. The legal experts note that interest will be added each quarter that property taxes are late. If they are not paid, a lien is placed on the property. If the taxes remain unpaid, the city can take possession of the property and sell it in a tax lien sale.

During a tax lien sale, an individual can purchase the lien. The original owner has three years to pay off the lien to the new owner to keep possession of their property. During the three years, interest continues to accrue. If the taxes are not paid after three years, the holder of the lien can begin foreclosure proceedings.

Why did the Brown family rush their move to Flagstaff?

The plural family’s money troubles are directly linked to the breakneck speed of their move. Kody insisted that the family pack up last summer and head to Flagstaff. They had nowhere to live when they began putting their belongings in moving boxes, and many fans questioned what the rush was all about.

Fans have theorized that the quick July 2018 move was all for the benefit of Robyn and her oldest child Dayton. Many believe that Dayton wished to start college in the Grand Canyon State and Robyn wanted to follow him. By moving in July 2018, the family ensured that Dayton could start school while living at home in August. He graduated from high school in May 2018, though the family has never confirmed exactly where he is attending college.

Why are the Browns having so much trouble unloading their Las Vegas Homes?

There are many reasons why the houses might not be selling. Leaving four properties vacant in a small gated community could have turned buyers off, and the fame of the properties may be a red flag for some buyers, as well. Two of the four properties have been sold, but that still leaves to houses on the market. The Browns have significantly dropped the prices of their homes, but if they aren’t sold in the next month or so, they may continue to languish on the market.

According to the Home Buying Institute, the Las Vegas real estate market is poised to outperform the national average in home sales in 2019 but has experienced a cool down. Traditionally, the spring time is the best time of year to list a house for sale, with March being the most active month for home sales followed by April and May, according to Homelight. Home sales cool down during the summer months and plummet during the winter.