‘Sister Wives’: The Real Reason Fans are Worried About Meri Brown

Fans are seriously concerned about Meri Brown following her family’s move to Flagstaff, Arizona. Over the years, Sister Wives viewers have watched Meri struggle with infertility and watching her only child pack up and leave for Chicago. They’ve also been privy to Kody Brown’s first wife’s cheating scandal and subsequent ice out by the rest of her family. Now, further away from her support system in Utah, Meri seems more alone than ever, and fans are seriously worried about the 48-year-old reality star. Some have even questioned if she is being punished for her infidelity by being forced to live an almost entirely isolated life.

Meri’s marital relationship continues to deteriorate

Several media outlets have reported that Meri and Kody have almost no real relationship at this point, and it is even rumored that the patriarch’s first wife is barely part of the family. Without the means to fix the growing rift between herself and Kody Brown, Meri seems almost entirely separate from her expansive family.

Reddit fans are concerned that the continued isolation and ice out from her husband and sister wives could lead her to make more self-destructive decisions. After all, the polygamist wife cited her hurt over her legal divorce and growing resentment as the reason behind her cheating scandal. Fans think Meri will be chased into the arms of another man in no time if the relationship between the married couple continues the way it has been going.

Kody nixed Meri’s dream of living downtown

When Kody first pitched the idea of moving to Flagstaff, Meri showed some interest in living in the downtown area of the city. A small apartment that was close to amenities seemed to make the most sense for the empty-nester. Not only would an apartment mean less upkeep for the 48-year-old businesswoman, but it would allow her to interact with her community and build a support network more easily.

The family’s patriarch nixed the idea, citing Meri’s need for space to conduct business as the reason, but his rationale left fans scratching their heads. After all, Meri owns an inn in Utah and also has a LuLaRoe business – neither of which require an expansive space to operate. A second bedroom doubling as an office would have done the trick, but Kody insisted on a larger, more private rental.

Add in the fact that Mariah, Meri and Kody’s only child together, took the dog that Meri seemed to enjoy having around so much to Chicago, and the women who joined polygamy in hopes of having a large family seems more alone than most. Fans are hoping that she’ll at least add a pet to her family to keep her company.

The family doesn’t trust Meri

When Meri approached the family about opening a bed and breakfast, they were only willing to raise the money if they were equal partners. Meri nixed the idea and noted that this was a project she wanted for herself. It was a massive no-go from the Brown family. Meri did end up getting the funds she needed, but the lack of trust from the rest of the clan was obvious. She doesn’t seem like she ever really recovered from it.

Meri did end up getting the money she needed to start her inn, but it wasn’t from the Brown family. The entire scene left many fans wondering if the family doesn’t trust Meri, or if they don’t foresee her sticking around for the long haul. The family even wondered aloud if Meri was planning to jump ship and move back to Utah once the inn was up and running.