‘Sister Wives’: The Weird Reason Kody Isn’t Spending Time at Janelle’s Arizona Home

The Brown family is no longer able to hide behind the cul-de-sac. Now that the plural family is spread across the city of Flagstaff, Arizona, it’s getting easier to see who Kody Brown really has eyes for. Rumors have swirled for weeks that Brown, 50, only has eyes for his fourth wife Robyn, 40. Not only was Kody spotted at Robyn’s residence all week long, but Janelle, who is Kody’s second wife, was spotted looking lonely on Mother’s Day at a farmer’s market.

the Brown Family
Meri Brwon, Janelle Brown, Kody Brown, Christine Brown and Robyn Brown | Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

While the evidence seems to spell doom for the alternative family made famous by TLC, there might be a weird explanation for Kody’s absence at Janelle’s place of residence – apparently, it all has to do with the water.

Kody takes issue with Janelle’s hot water

Janelle and the rest of the Sister Wives cast left the luxury of a gated community to move to Flagstaff, Arizona. While the family has since purchased a large piece of property that they plan to develop, they are currently residing in rental homes spread across the city, and apparently, Kody has no desire to sleep at Janelle’s rental pad.

According to Radar Online, Kody ran into Janelle and two of their children at a local gym and quipped that they better shower quickly at home because the water heater was problematic. Fans are now surmising that Kody isn’t spending time at Janelle’s because of his desire for a long hot shower. Not only is it a weird reason to completely abandon your family, but it suggests that Kody is all about what makes Kody the most comfortable.  

Janelle isn’t making an effort either

While Christine and her daughters made the trek from their home to Robyn Brown’s rental to see Kody earlier in the week, Janelle doesn’t seem to be interested in doing the same. The mother of six is allegedly living her own separate life.

Janelle dropped a bombshell during the family’s tell-all episode. Janelle told fans that plural marriage isn’t for everyone and that she hasn’t had an easy go of it. The second wife basically said the first five, ten, and even 20 years of her marriage wasn’t especially fun. While the sentiment broke fans’ hearts for Janelle, one is forced to wonder why she has stayed in a situation that so clearly doesn’t work for her.

Janelle shares six children with Kody. Janelle and Kody’s oldest son Logan is currently engaged. The couple has no plans on airing their wedding on the family’s show. Madison is currently married and living in Utah, while Hunter Brown and Garrison Brown are both enlisted in the military.
Gabriel, now 17, had the most difficult time adjusting to the family’s move to Flagstaff.