The ‘Sister Wives’ Trailer Reveals That the Wives Really Don’t Want to Be Around Each Other

Sister Wives will be returning to TLC on Jan. 5, 2020, and the new trailer promises plenty of drama. This season, however, seems like it’s going to be a bit different than previous seasons of the reality TV show. The gloves are finally coming off and the Browns seem willing to acknowledge that the sister wives really can’t stand each other. Does the new trailer mean the family is finally going to get real about polygamy?

Kody’s desire to build one large house is met with resistance

The drama is starting early for the Brown family in the Season 9 trailer. While Janelle Brown and Meri Brown were both resistant to the idea of leaving Las Vegas in search of greener pastures in Flagstaff, they’ve seemingly settled in, albeit reluctantly. Now that Kody Brown has laid out plans to build one large house on the property they purchased in the state, a few more voices are chiming in with opposition.

Robyn Brown and Christine Brown both seem to be against the idea of living in a massive abode, separated by a few thin walls from their sister wives. Meri and Janelle don’t look particularly stoked with the design, either.  Kody, however, asks the wives to keep an open mind, making the discussion pretty reminiscent of the talks of moving to Flagstaff last year. So, does Kody get his way? It’s hard to say. Work doesn’t appear to have even started on the land the family purchased. However, property records show the parcel was divided into four separate properties in the spring of 2019, according to The Ashley Reality Roundup.

Why don’t the wives want to live together?

The Brown family first appeared on TLC in 2010. They claimed their goal was to show the world how beautiful polygamy can be. The wheels came off relatively quickly, and it became fairly apparent to viewers that the Brown wives don’t really like each other. The family’s book, Becoming Sister Wives, revealed further tension between the four women who share a single husband.

Two cities later, and the ladies of the Brown family aren’t even trying to seem like they like each other. All four seem content to live in their own home, away from their fellow spouses. Kody’s push to bring the family back together under one roof only revealed just how little the women actually want to see each other. He admits as much in the trailer for Season 9, stating that they are focused on seeing the faces of their sister wives as little as possible. That doesn’t make polygamy sound all that wonderful, does it?

What is the biggest problem within polygamist families?

While the Brown family and many within the same religious sect argue that polygamy is a good thing, looking at the concept through a modern lens reveals serious problems. Psychology Today notes that once upon a time, polygamy may have been beneficial to both the husband and the wives. The publication notes that social status and the siring of many offspring were the most significant benefits. The publication also notes that often times, women in polygamist marriages enjoyed the company and help of their sister wives. That’s not how things work today.

Psychology Today also notes that there are many drawbacks to modern polygamist relationships. The biggest issue being the gender inequality that appears to exist. Women who become sister wives are also fighting for the attention of their husband, making jealousy, contempt, and dissatisfaction common.

Christine’s aunt, who is no longer in touch with the Brown family, has been speaking out about polygamy, as well. Kristyn Decker, who had previously appeared on the show, left her own polygamist marriage and has been speaking out on the topic since. Decker has called the practice “cult-like” and suggests the entire Brown family is miserable, a common theme in the polygamist crowds she once ran in.