‘Sister Wives’: Which Brown Wife Can Save the Family from Financial Ruin?

Fans have been chattering about the Sister Wives cast and their potential money trouble for months. Now, it seems the family’s financial woes are coming to a head. Not only does the plural family owe back property taxes in their home state, but they currently possess two properties in Las Vegas that they are having a hard time selling. With the future of the family’s show in limbo, the Browns are going to need to think fast to make enough money to support their family, or they’ll need to reign in the spending.

Fortunately for the Browns, several wives have managed to forge their own business path; perhaps one of their businesses will take off and bring the family the financial freedom that patriarch Kody Brown has been chasing for nearly a decade.

Meri Brown has a budding LuLaRoe business

Meri Brown may not have been the first wife to forge her own path, but she’s currently the one who seems to be close to being self-sufficient. The first wife of Kody Brown runs a somewhat successful LuLaRoe business. Meri, as well as Christine, were recently on a LuLaRoe cruise. According to blog posts associated with women who work with LuLaRoe, the cruises are offered to those who qualify free of charge. In 2018, in order to be eligible for the trip, representatives needed to sell $12,000 worth of product for six months out of eight.

Essentially, the cruise appeared to be reserved for individuals who fall within the top 2% of earners who work for the company. LuLaRoe, however, is a questionable company. Founded in 2012 in California, LuLaRoe has weathered one storm after another, including a series of lawsuits. Business experts have long considered the company a scam.

Robyn operates a jewelry line

Early in the show’s run, Robyn pitched the idea of a jewelry line to her sister wives and Kody. They bought in, and Robyn officially launched My Sister Wife’s Closet. The company, which was registered in Nevada was shuttered when the family moved from Las Vegas to Flagstaff but has since been registered in the family’s new state.

According to The Arizona Corporation Commission, the business was registered in September 2018 in Arizona. All four wives and Kody brown are listed as members, although Robyn Brown is listed as the business’ manager. Fans, however, have had issues with the website, noting it is difficult to navigate and the product descriptions are lacking, according to Soap Dirt.