‘Sister Wives’: Will the Brown Family Return for Another Season?

Fans of Sister Wives watched a punctuated season that found the family uprooting their lives in Las Vegas and moving to the quaint city of Flagstaff. Buoyed by their husband’s insistence that the move would be great for the family, several reluctant wives and about a dozen unimpressed kids packed up their lives and took off in U-Haul trucks. That is the last that fans saw of the Brown family in Season 13, and many are wondering if the leaving Las Vegas footage was the family’s swan song.

Is Sister Wives canceled?

With Season 13 coming to a close, fans are curious about the future of the show, but TLC isn’t giving anything away. It is important to note that the footage released for Season 13 was filmed nearly a year ago, and there have been no rumblings about cameras following the Brown family around their new home in Flagstaff.

According to TV Show Cancelled, a website dedicated to keeping viewers informed about the future of their favorite shows, the Brown family has neither been renewed nor canceled for season 14. It is likely that TLC is waiting to see the final viewer numbers for Season 13 to decide if the Brown family is worth the monetary investment of another season.

Falling ratings could spell doom for the Brown family

Back in 2018, In Touch reported that Sister Wives was on the chopping block for their lackluster ratings. The family once held the attention of 2.5 million viewers each week, but recent seasons have seen a sharp drop in viewership. According to Soap Dirt, the family is down to just 1.8 million viewers, and they’ve done very little to capture the attention of potential new audiences.

The Browns also don’t have their children to fall back on for ratings. While the Duggar family’s fans have always been heavily invested in the lives of the 19 kids within the family, Sister Wives has heavily focused on the interpersonal relationships between Kody and his four brides. Fans of the family are less invested in the children, meaning story arcs involving the Brown kids are unlikely to boost ratings.

Rumors swirl that Kody took a pay cut to get Season 13 off the ground

An Inside source alleged that Kody Brown was willing to negotiate down his family’s salary if it meant the show would remain on the air. According to Heavy, the source claims the negotiation happened before Season 12 hit the airwaves. Kody Brown allegedly allowed the network to cut the family’s salary from $180,000 per adult actor to $180,000 for the entire group.

Kody Brown
Kody Brown of Sister Wives (Photo by Stephen J. Cohen/Getty Images)

The actual details of the family’s TLC contract are unknown, but if the anonymous inside source is to be believed, TLC may have gotten a bargain. It appears the Brown family negotiates their deal every year, so it’s possible Kody could continue to slash the family’s price tag to keep the show rolling.

Did TLC launch Seeking Sister Wife to replace Sister Wives?

TLC was the first channel to give the concept of polygamy airtime; at least in the form of a reality show rather than an expose. Fans had initially tuned in to watch the Brown family navigate all of life’s challenges as a plural family, but it has long since grown stale.

Some fans think Seeking Sister Wife may be the network’s replacement for Sister Wives. After wrapping its second season, Seeking Sister Wife is a strong contender as a possible replacement for Sister Wives. Not only does it follow multiple families as they navigate the process of adding new women to the household, but it gives viewers different plural marriage setups to explore.