Slick Woods Talks ‘Goldie’ and Bringing Her Own Experience of Homelessness to Her First Movie Role

Slick Woods gained fame from her unique look while modeling. One of the most popular brands she works with is Fenty, and she even went into labor while walking in a Rihanna’s Savage x Fenty show.

Now she’s making the switch to acting and is starring in a movie called Goldie. She plays Goldie, a teenager who lives in a family shelter and dreams of becoming a dancer one day. Her ambition only grows when it seems like the future of her family depends on it.

The North American premiere of Goldie was on April 25 at the Tribeca Film Festival. The Cheat Sheet talked to Slick Woods about how she brought her own experiences to the role.

Slick Woods said she was reminiscing during her more emotional scenes

Slick Woods
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“The biggest challenge was just like acting like everybody else wasn’t playing dress up,” the model told The Cheat Sheet when talking about acting in her first role. She added, “It’s hard to like be cool with everyone after the end of it because it felt like a sick game. But I got through it and I’m happy that we pushed through. It’s a great movie.”

Her character struggles to find a place for her and her sisters to stay after her mother is arrested. It’s understandable that Goldie is seen getting emotional with all that weight on her shoulders in the movie.

“I mean all the tears are real,” said Woods. “It happened just because like reminiscing on old stories in my life.”

She said homelessness is tied with pride, which she made sure was in Goldie

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In real life, Slick Woods has talked about being homeless when she was a teenager before getting discovered as a model. She brought that experience to the role and made it more realistic.

“When I’m in it or like anything goes on, I honestly just react how I would normally,” explained the actress. She went on to explain how she changed a scene from how it was originally written because of this.

“Like there’s a scene where you know a lady offers me pizza, but real homeless sh*t we wouldn’t take that sh*t because [of] pride,” she continued. “But in the role, we were supposed to take it and be like ‘Thank you.'”

That’s not what her character ends up doing. “I mean homelessness comes with a lot of pride as well,” said Woods. “And I feel like I brought a lot of that to the role so I’m happy about that.”

The movie is also about the pursuit of fame

The role also hits close to home because her character has dreams of fame. However, there is always a question of who is offering a real opportunity or something else.

“If it’s not tangible people from the hood are not gonna’ wanna’ grasp it you know,” said Woods. “I mean if I can’t see it with my own eyes, I can’t touch with my own fingers like it’s not real.” She said modeling felt in that grey area.

Goldie has yet to be scheduled for a wide release. These are the remaining screening times for the movie at the Tribeca Film Festival.

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