Slim 400 Describes Previously Getting Shot In No Jumper Interview

Rapper Slim 400 is best known for his collaboration with YG and Sad Boy Loko for “Bruisin.” He is a labelmate, frequent collaborator, and good friends with YG, as they both represent Compton, California. The 31-year-old began rapping at 12-years-old and signed to YG, DJ Mustard, and Ty Dolla Sign’s label, Pushaz Ink, in 2008. Slim 400 also appeared in YG’s 2014 short film, “Blame It on the Streets.” He then went on to release several mixtapes and recently landed a Lil Yachty feature.

Slim 400
Rapper Slim 400 | Scott Dudelson/Getty Images

Unfortunately, Slim 400 was shot eight to ten times on June 28th in Compton, California. The motive behind the shooting is unknown. However, he survived his injuries. A few hours after the news broke, podcaster Adam 22 of No Jumper dropped an interview with the rapper. Keep reading to learn about Slim 400 getting shot at the age of 18, and subsequently becoming more serious about life.

Slim 400 explained his background

Even though Slim 400 claims Compton, California as his hometown, he was born in Frankfurt, Germany, because his father was in the army. He said his parents met in high school, and then welcomed him into the world when stationed in Frankfurt. At 11 months old, Slim 400’s mother got him a passport, and he has lived in Compton ever since.

Slim 400 has been involved in gang life and said his dad also used to be before taking a different path. However, Slim 400 said the army life isn’t for him, so he stayed in Compton with his mother. He also admitted to lying a lot at a younger age but stopped when he started understanding the benefits of telling the truth the first time.

Slim 400 describes getting shot at 18-years-old

When the interview first began, Slim 400 talked about having to keep his guard up because he’s been caught slipping a couple of times. He also referred to himself as a living soldier before detailing how he got shot at the age of 18. Slim 400 said that only three months after graduating high school, someone shot him in his arm and his back.

He remembered all he could think about was possibly never seeing his mother again. After a week in the hospital, Slim 400 recovered from his injuries, but the situation changed his thought process. It made him want to get serious about music and life itself.

Slim 400 got shot June 2019

Around 8:30 P.M. PST on Friday, June 28th, a man called the authorities for a male who was shot in Compton. Law enforcement confirmed Slim 400 as the victim. He was shot eight to ten times, although it is unclear precisely where he was shot. They also do not know the motive behind the shooting. However, authorities identified a black vehicle leaving the scene they believe was involved in the incident.

A few hours later, Slim 400 underwent surgery with YG by his side. The shooting occurred around three months after California rapper Nipsey Hussle was shot and killed in Crenshaw, Los Angeles.