‘SNL’ Gives Morgan Wallen Another Shot To Perform After Canceling Him in October

Country crooner Morgan Wallen gets another shot at performing on Saturday Night Live after he had to forfeit his opportunity to perform in October.

 Morgan Wallen, host Jason Bateman, and Heidi Gardner during Promos in Studio 8H
Morgan Wallen, host Jason Bateman, and Heidi Gardner during Promos in Studio 8H |Rosalind O’Connor/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

Wallen was originally scheduled to perform on the Oct. 10 show as the musical guest. But when he was busted breaking COVID protocols, he was replaced with musician Jack White. Morgan regretted his behavior and repented on social media.

He agreed that his “actions from this past weekend were pretty short-sighted, and have obviously affected my long-term goals and my dreams,” he said in a statement, Variety reports.

Morgan Wallen is the musical guest on Dec. 5

Wallen made the announcement of his return. “Let’s try this again,” he shared on Twitter along with a photo of the musical guest and host lineup. A fan replied, “Glad you’re getting another shot. Respect you owned it, stay safe.”

He tweeted, “See y’all Saturday” along with a mask emoji with the SNL promo spot. Host Jason Bateman said hosting was the only Christmas gift he needed, adding world peace, no more hunger, and no more COVID, tossing a glance Wallen’s way.

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Wallen also took a poll to see which songs fans thought he’d be singing on the show. “Seven Summers” was a popular guess. So was “More than My Hometown.”

‘SNL’ cast and crew follow strict protocols

SNL returned to its original format this fall but with COVID protocols in place for the cast. “There are numerous challenges that manifest themselves in everything: the construction of sets, makeup, wardrobe, the choreography that goes on backstage,”  James Andrew Miller, co-author of “Live From New York,” an oral history of “SNL,” told NBC News.

Creator Lorne Michaels spent considerable time with health experts to develop a pathway to create what appears to ultimately resemble the usual live show. Performers “will wear masks until the moment the red light goes on, at which point the Velcro back will be taken off,” Michaels explained to The New York Times.

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Cast and crew are given rapid COVID tests and Michaels was still working on how much outside contact the cast could have with others. Wallen’s TikTok bust was problematic because he was seen partying at a crowded bar without a mask.

Busted on TikTok

Wallen was preparing to go on stage in New York when he was told he would be replaced.

“I respect the show’s decision because I know I put them in jeopardy, and I take ownership for this,” he shared. “I’d like to apologize to SNL, to my fans, to my team for bringing me these opportunities, and I let them down.”

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“And on a more personal note, I think I have some growing up to do,” he continued. “I think I lost myself a little bit. I tried to find joy in the wrong places and, I don’t know, it’s left me with less joy, so I’m going to try to work on that. I’m going to take a step back from the spotlight for a little while and go work on myself. I wish I could have made country music and my fans proud this Saturday, but I respect the decision once again.”

Michaels assured Wallen he’d find a way for him to return.

Saturday Night Live in on Saturday, Dec. 5 at 11:30 EST.