So Much For Allies — ‘RHONY’ Stars Sonja Morgan and Dorinda Medley Said Some Awful Things About This Trans Model

When it comes to the LGBTQ+ movement, Real Housewives of New York stars Sonja Morgan and Dorinda Medley proclaim themselves allies. Morgan recently appeared with her fellow Bravo stars at the New York pride parade, though she and Tinsley Mortimer managed to also fit in a screaming match. 

This time, however, Morgan and Medley aren’t winning anyone over. During their time at the New York Fashion week, the two RHONY stars made some pretty thoughtless comments about one of the trans models.

Making negative comments

Sonja Morgan and Dorinda Medley attended the Garo Sparo show — part of the New York Fashion Week events. The RHONY stars have been notoriously loud and somewhat disruptive in past fashion events.

Apparently the RHONY socialites were disruptively loud during last September’s Pamella Roland show. One source told Page Six that the stars were, “just talking super loud through the whole show. Nicky Hilton looked kind of annoyed.”

The source added, “It was disruptive. … They were making such a scene.”

Sonja Morgan and Dorinda Medley continued their disruptive tradition this year at the Garo Sparo show. When trans model Yasmine Petty appeared on the runway, Medley was heard saying, “Well, with a body like that, it’s a guy. That’s a guy.”

“Yeah, with a body like that it’s a guy, you’re absolutely right,” replied Morgan. Morgan and Medley’s comments are not only disruptive but also disrespectful to a trans person who does not identify as a male. 

The model speaks out

Yasmine Petty was understandably upset with Morgan and Medley’s comments. The RHONY stars certainly didn’t win any points with her. Petty told Page Six, “I was really excited to do the fashion show for Garo Sparo for New York Fashion Week because he was using models of diversity.”

“And I knew they were filming the Housewives of New York and I knew they were front row and literally, as I was walking down the runway, I heard them making these statements,” continued the model.

In another video from the event, Petty says the women are visibly laughing as she walks down the runway — though the reasons are unclear, it’s not a good look for the RHONY stars considering Morgan and Medley’s statements.

Petty added, “My philosophy is that people can’t choose their sexual orientation. They can’t choose their gender identity. They can’t choose or not choose to have a disability or a mental illness or even their race, but things people can choose to do is not to be rude and cruel to people over things they have no control over.”

An attempted apology?

In what came off as an incredibly ham-fisted apology, Morgan and Medley told Page Six, “We have a history as long-standing supporters of the LGBTQ community in many ways and apologize for our offensive comments at the fashion show.”

What “allies” like Morgan and Medley need to realize is that occasionally supporting a marginalized community doesn’t give you a free pass when you make a mistake. Additionally, when someone points out their support and help prior to giving an apology, it somewhat reduces the quality of the apology — as if instead of fully owning up, they’re attempting to say, “yeah, but.”

Hopefully, fans will see Morgan and Medley making more thoughtful choices about their phrasing and judgments in the future.