So Much for The ‘RHOBH’ Boycott. Viewer Numbers Remain Steady

If fans are boycotting The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, they may be doing it other ways than turning off their television.

Loyal Lisa Vanderpump fans declared that the cast was bullying their favorite Real Housewife. And as a result, vowed to stop watching the show. The boycott was fueled on social media as many insisted they removed the show from their DVRs and are done with the cast.

RHOBH season 8 cast | Tommy Garcia/Bravo via Getty Images

Beyond insisting they weren’t going to watch, a number of social media users have lashed out, sometimes quite aggressively, at the cast too. Specific targets include Kyle Richards, Lisa Rinna, Dorit Kemsley, and Teddi Mellencamp. Although Vanderpump asked fans to avoid aggressive threats, the entire season has left a number of fans with a sour taste in their mouth.

Fans are furious

The entire season of RHOBH divided fans after a Vanderpump Dogs adoption went south. Kemsley adopted a dog from Vanderpump’s rescue but tried to rehome the pup when she claimed the dog bit her husband and children. Of course, that worked out well (not) and the dog ended up in a shelter.

Anger grew amongst fans because the cast became suspicious that Vanderpump was spreading gossip about Kemsley’s fail in the media. Vanderpump denied it but was hurt the women made the accusation. Fans saw this as nothing short as mean girl bullying and felt that the cast was ganging up on their queen.

Many fans are Team LVP as they have fiercely shown their loyalty on social media. “Everybody needs to boycott #RHOBH get those other bitches fired. (Except Denise) there teaching women and children to bully and hate sisters, mothers, aunts, etc.. this is WRONG! This all started from a PUPPY HOW PETTY. But 2 hate LVP & kick her when she’s down with her brother!” one person posted to Twitter.

So many say ‘Goodbye, RHOBH!’

Social media was flooded with fans who said they are no longer going to watch the soapy drama. This came especially after the episode where Vanderpump’s husband, Ken Todd yelled (dramatically), “Goodbye, Kyle” as he kicked Richards out of his home.

Richards started somewhat of a social media trend by yelling “Goodbye, Kyle.” Other Real Housewives and celebrities joined the challenge, people made t-shirts… But this move only fueled fan’s anger, which made their resolve to walk away even stronger.

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“I have just deleted from my DVR! All #RHOBH Thank you #MeanGirls for ruining my favorite show,” this Twitter user wrote.

Where are the ratings now?

Ratings have remained rather steady for the show despite the boycott. The latest Tuesday night ranking actually shows no huge drops in viewer numbers. The latest episode came in at 1.715 million viewers, while the previous week came in at 1.807 million. But here’s one telling number: the number of those in the target demographic is locked in week over week.

The last two weeks have actually been the highest rated for the show this season. Previous overall Tuesday night ratings have hovered in the 1.6 million or below neighborhood.

However, weekly ratings have been all over the board. RHOBH ranked 19 last week, just behind Vanderpump Rules. And while the show ranked higher in other weeks, it didn’t crack the top 30 during March Madness. Apparently, Vanderpump is no match for college basketball.

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