Social Media Users Believe Marc Anthony May Be Dating ‘Basketball Wives’ Star Evelyn Lozada

Evelyn Lozada is apparently cozying up with Latin superstar, Marc Anthony. According to social media investigators, Lozada’s recent Instagram photos prove that she’s been spending time at his luxurious Flordia residence. Both are currently single but neither of them are speaking out on their reported love affair. 

Evelyn Lozada
Evelyn Lozada | Tibrina Hobson/FilmMagic

If the two are dating, this would not be the first public relationship for either. Lozada has a history of dating superstar athletes across all sports, while Anthony’s marriage to Jennifer Lopez is most notable. Either way, fans want a confirmation, and quickly.

Social media users say Evelyn Lozada is posting pictures from Marc Anthony’s rental home

Per Bossip, social media users are convincing themselves and everyone on Instagram and Twitter that Lozada and Anthony are a thing. Fans are citing recent Instagram photos of Lozada seemingly at Anthony’s $19 million Miami mansion.

Fans say Lozada has been posting pictures of her at what looks like Anthony’s mansion since August 2019. Scenic shots include Lozada poolside, sitting on a grand staircase, and posing beside large bay windows. She’s also featuring a few shots of her children at the home.

The location on the photos are marked as “none of your business,” proving that Lozada is attempting to keep things on the hush. 

Evelyn Lozada
Evelyn Lozada | Paul Archuleta/FilmMagic

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As for how fans are able to determine the home is Anthony’s, the beloved singer did an at-home interview with Amazon Music in celebration of reaching Diamond status with his 2013 album. The home looks extremely similar to the home Lozada is sharing pictures of. 

AceShowBiz notes that Lozada is a huge fan of Anthony’s. She shared her excitement on her Instagram account for his 2019 album Opus, writing, “When you find out @marcanthony has a new album coming out!” 

Both Evelyn Lozada and Marc Anthony have had high-profile relationships

If rumors are true, Twitter users are praising Lozada, citing her relationship history. 

“If Evelyn Lozada pulled Marc Anthony, I may have to stan. She went from NFL, NBA, MLB, rappers, singers, and now J.Los baby daddy/Latin lover. The range she has,” one user writes.

Lozada’s previous relationship was with MLB star and now record label owner, Carl Crawford. Crawford famously retired from baseball to manage artists. His biggest claim to fame in music is signing his fellow Houston native Megan Thee Stallion.

Crawford and Lozada four-year relationship is part of her OWN reality series, Living Lozada. They share a son, Leo. Lozada and Crawford split upon the discovery that Crawford was no faithful during their relationship.

Source: YouTube

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Prior to Crawford, Lozada was briefly married to NFL star Chad Johnson. Their marriage ended after two months due to Johnson physically abusing Lozada. She was also in a 10-year relationship and engagement to former NBA star Antione Walker.

Like Lozada, Anthony has also been married. He and J.Lo’s marriage lasted seven years. Following his marriage to J. Lo, he married supermodel Shannon De Lima. He was also married to Dayanara Torres for four years. 

Sources allege that Lozada and Anthony have been dating for six months.