‘Solo’: 10 Huge Ways It May Impact the Future of ‘Star Wars’

For the most part, Solo: A Star Wars Story is a relatively inconsequential little adventure, one that isn’t quite as big or meaningful as something like The Last Jedi. But the movie does actually imply some pretty significant things about the future of Star Wars, setting up storylines that we’ll likely be seeing more of.

A few decisions director Ron Howard makes will also surely set a precedent for directors to follow. Here’s a look at 10 big ways Solo may impact the future of Star Wars, ranked from least to most consequential. You’ll never believe the No. 1 reason it may have actually completely changed the saga.

Warning: spoilers for Solo: A Star Wars Story lie ahead. 

10. It seems that there’s more to come in this story

Chewie and Han in Solo: A Star Wars Story

We’ll probably see Han and Chewie again. | Lucasfilm

Prior to Solo, most fans just assumed that this would be a standalone entry like Rogue One. But actually, the film leaves a lot open at the end, and the lead actors, including Alden Ehrenreich, have signed on to reprise their characters.

Unfortunately, Solo‘s poor box office performance makes a sequel less likely. But if Solo 2 does happen, it could further explore how Han became the man he is in A New Hope, as we don’t completely get that in Solo.

In particular, the ending of the movie suggests a Solo sequel could feature the return of some interesting characters.

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9. We’ll probably get more Jabba the Hutt

Han Solo tries to reason with Jabba the Hutt

Han Solo tries to reason with Jabba the Hutt. | Lucasfilm

The ending of Solo seems to directly set up the return of Jabba the Hutt in a potential Solo sequel. After all, Tobias Beckett tells Han about a big shot gangster on Tatooine. Although his name is not mentioned, the obvious implication is that they’re talking about Jabba the Hutt.

This could just work as a little tease about how Han gets involved with Jabba, which comes into play in the original trilogy. But it would also seem to suggest that if we get a Solo sequel, there’s a high likelihood that Jabba will be in it. And if that’s the case, we might also see Boba Fett.

Speaking of which, Lucasfilm is reportedly working on a Boba Fett movie next, so perhaps Han will be a part of that film.

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8. The standalone films can mess with the format

Han in Solo: A Star Wars Story

The movie features some interesting formatting changes. | Lucasfilm

Rogue One made several changes to the traditional Star Wars format; most notably, it did not have an opening crawl, nor did it have any wipe transitions. So going into Solo, fans were curious about whether this movie would do the same thing and if it would perhaps try to emulate the style of Rogue One.

Solo also ditches the crawl, so that’s probably not something we’ll see in the standalone films anytime soon. It does, however, feature some opening lines of text, which Rogue One didn’t.

This suggests that Lucasfilm doesn’t really have a format or style in place for the standalone movies. Directors can basically do whatever they want with them.

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7. Material from the recent canon can be retconned

Han Solo's dice in The Last Jedi

Han’s dice get a new backstory in Solo. | Lucasfilm

Speaking of letting directors do whatever they want, Solo implies that it’s okay for the films to retcon some things that were established in the canon within the past few years.

After all, it was canon prior to Solo that Han used his gold dice to win the Millennium Falcon, as established in The Force Awakens: The Visual Dictionary. However, this doesn’t happen in Solo.

It was also canon that Chewbacca owes Han Solo a life debt, something that never comes up in Solo. So going forward, it seems that Star Wars writers and directors do not necessarily have to follow exactly what was in the canon prior to their film, and Lucasfilm is not above some retconning here and there.

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6. The standalone movies can be smaller in scale

Chewie, Beckett, and Han in Solo: A Star Wars Story

The film is smaller in scale than its predecessors. | Lucasfilm

One big departure in Solo is that the stakes are fairly low in this film. It’s just about a heist that a couple of characters have to pull off, and never is anyone concerned with the fate of the larger galaxy.

Solo is really the first Star Wars movie you can say that about. And the fact that it exists suggests that Lucasfilm is okay with future Star Wars spin-offs being a bit smaller scale.

This could have pretty big implications for the direction of the standalone films.

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5. Darth Maul is back

Darth Maul, wearing black robes, and looking intensely into the camera

Darth Maul has returned in live action. | Lucasfilm

Of course, the big scene that everyone is talking about in Solo is the shocking return of Darth Maul.

Fans of the TV shows knew that Maul survived the events of The Phantom Menace, but this is coming as news to a large number of people who only follow the films.

Is this just a fun cameo, or does it set up more Maul to come? It’s unclear at this point, but we have to imagine Lucasfilm wouldn’t give fans that crazy tease only to never follow up on it, especially since Maul specifically tells Qi’ra to come to Dathomir. We’ve got to see Maul again now, whether it’s in a Solo sequel or elsewhere.

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4. Is it setting up an Obi-Wan movie or the Boba Fett movie?

Obi-Wan Kenobi

Is the Obi-Wan movie finally about to arrive? | Lucasfilm

We’ve been hearing a lot about an Obi-Wan Kenobi movie, with the rumor being that this is the next spin-off and that it will come out in 2020. Now we have Solo, a film that brings back Darth Maul, who would obviously want revenge after Obi-Wan tried to kill him.

So is the surprise ending of this movie setting up that Obi-Wan film? One wrinkle in that is the fact that the show Star Wars Rebels already did a whole storyline involving Darth Maul seeking out Obi-Wan and the two dueling; that takes place after Solo, and it ends with Maul dying.

What seems more likely is that Maul ends up being the villain of the Solo sequel or the Boba Fett movie.

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3. Will there be two movies a year soon?

Lando Calrissian in Solo: A Star Wars Story

We might even get a Lando spinoff soon. | Lucasfilm

So far, we’ve already talked about the Solo sequel, the Obi-Wan movie, and a Boba Fett movie. In addition to that, three movies from Rian Johnson and several movies by David Benioff and D.B. Weiss are in the works. Lucasfilm also probably isn’t abandoning the main episodic saga for good, so we should expect Episode X. This adds up to at least nine Star Wars films that are apparently on the way.

That’s a crazy amount, and the fact that Solo ends with a tease of something that is likely not part of the Johnson movies or the Benioff and Weiss movies suggests that Lucasfilm may have so many projects in development that we’ll soon have to start getting more than one movie a year.

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2. Prequel content can be brought into the new films in a big way

Sheev Palpatine

Sheev Palpatine | Lucasfilm

For the most part, the new Star Wars films have been taking their inspiration from the original trilogy and ignoring the prequel trilogy. Of course, there have been exceptions, such as the appearance of Bail Organa in Rogue One and the mention of Darth Sidious in The Last Jedi. But these were just minor cameos and references.

Now, however, we have a film where the big reveal involves the return of a key character from the prequel trilogy, and the scene would make absolutely no sense if you weren’t familiar with The Phantom Menace. This implies that going forward, Lucasfilm is open to having the prequels play a much bigger role in future Star Wars movies than they have since The Force Awakens.

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1. Storylines from the TV shows can impact the films

The shows may impact the movies. | Lucasfilm

Perhaps the biggest implication from the film is that the expanded material like the TV shows and the novels can be hugely significant in the future movies.

After all, it was the TV show The Clone Wars that established that Darth Maul was still alive. The show also established that after returning, Maul was the head of a crime organization. The Solo reveal almost doesn’t even make sense if you aren’t familiar with the TV shows.

Before now, most of the Star Wars material outside of the movies has basically felt like a bonus that exists completely separate from the main movies and doesn’t impact them in any way. But it’s different with Solo, potentially meaning that future movies could pull even more from this type of material and, for example, someone like Thrawn could show up in Episode IX. That might sound crazy, but so did Darth Maul being in Solo.

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