Surprising ‘Solo: A Star Wars Story’ Secrets Revealed by the Novelization

The novelization of Solo: A Star Wars Story hits bookshelves soon, and a new preview of it reveals some surprising details about Han Solo origin story.

Several excerpts from the book were posted to the official Star Wars website this week, and they concern Qi’Ra’s backstory, L3-37’s relationship with the Falcon, and two characters who could have made cameos in the movie.

Let’s take a look at the new Solo details we just learned.

Details about what happened to Qi’ra after Han left her

Solo: A Star Wars Story

Solo: A Star Wars Story | Lucasfilm

In the movie, we don’t see anything that happens to Qi’ra after Han leaves her on Corellia but before she winds up on Dryden Vos’ yacht. Now, the novelization gives us a glimpse into this time period.

In one of the excerpts released today, Qi’ra returns to Lady Proxima immediately after being torn from Han. After Han broke the window in her chambers, Proxima only sees guests at night, and her skin is blistered. Proxima tells Qi’ra that she has sold her to a slave dealer.

That slave dealer wasn’t Dryden Vos, but she is sold off to Dryden later on. Once with Dryden, the book says that Qi’ra spent almost the whole first year trying and failing to escape. The closest she ever got was when one night, she killed her guard and made her way to an escape pod on Dryden’s yacht, but he was waiting for her there. Dryden is filled with rage, but after seeing what she is capable of, he says she should come work for him. “Let’s talk about your poten­tial,” Dryden tells her before the excerpt ends.

L3-37 communicates with the Falcon after being uploaded

Solo: A Star Wars Story | Lucasfilm

Solo revealed that L3-37 has been a part of the Falcon since before A New Hope, with Lando uploading her consciousness into it after she is shot during the heist. In the novelization, we get a glimpse into what this experience is like from L3’s perspective.

After being uploaded into the ship, L3 starts to actually communicate with the Falcon itself, which seems to have a personality of its own separate from L3. Although the Falcon only communicates in images, not words, L3 and the ship have a whole conversation.

“The Falcon was so gentle it was irritating,” the book reads. “…L3 had a choice to make. She could die with her final act being a liberator to all the droids on Kessel, or she could join with the Falcon, live on, and be part of something much big­ger. She could save them all.”

L3 is reluctant to do so, saying, “And be a slave inside a ship forever? No thank you.” But the Falcon itself tells her that being a ship isn’t so bad, and soon the ship starts to speak in actual words rather than just images.

“If you refuse, you die,” the Falcon tells L3. “He dies. The others on the ship, they all die. If you join with us, we all can live.”

The excerpt ends with the suggestion that the ship is now not simply the Falcon and not simply L3 but something new entirely.

Jyn Erso and Saw Gerrera cameo

Felicity Jones crouches in armor in Rogue One | Lucasfilm

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story | Lucasfilm

The third excerpt released is definitely the most intriguing, as it actually features a cameo from Rogue One‘s Jyn Erso and Saw Gerrera.

In a scene that takes place after the events of the movie, Enfys Nest gives over the refined coaxium to Saw Gerrera, telling him, “I trust you will put it to good use.” Enfys expected Saw to come alone, but he actually brings an 11-year-old Jyn Erso. Although this might be a dangerous meeting, Saw says that Jyn needs to learn.

This excerpt, by the way, confirms that Enfys Nest is 18 years old. The book mentions that Jyn is 11, and Enfys says that she reminds her of herself seven years ago.

Enfys likes Jyn right away, pulling off her mask to speak to her one on one. She tells Jyn that her age does not protect her and that “they’re going to underesti­mate you. Make them regret it.”

This scene was probably never going to be in the actual movie, but it’s still cool for hardcore fans to see the two spin-off films connect in this way. You can read the whole Solo novelization when it is released on September 4th.