‘Solo: A Star Wars Story’: Why L3-37 Is the Best Droid Ever

The Star Wars franchise has a long history with droids. Sometimes, they are well received, and other times, fans have been annoyed by them. We previously talked about the best and worst droids in the Star Wars universe, but since Solo: A Star Wars Story has been released, we need to re-evaluate some things.

L3-37 is the newest droid played by Phoebe Waller-Bridge, and she is the best droid ever. Here are seven reasons why.

1. She explicitly represents what Star Wars is actually about

L3-37 in the ship with Lando.

L3-37 | Lucasfilm

Star Wars has been a pleasant escape for many fans because it takes you to a galaxy far, far away. But there are messages about fascism and Nazi imagery all over the franchise. In a way, some people’s failure to notice these things shows that Star Wars isn’t preaching to its audience, but there also isn’t anything wrong with explicitly acknowledging the message.

L3-37 does this from her very first scene where she pleads with a fellow droid to get out of a fighting ring used for the purpose of gambling. Later, Lando asks her if she needs anything and she quickly responds with “equality.” Sure, that last line might get laughs because it is a punchline. But given all of her other scenes, we know L3-37 genuinely wants these things.

This is in line with what Star Wars is truly about — fighting against the oppression of those who will wipe out planets full of those who refuse to bend to their will.

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2. She has a goal completely separate from humans

L3-37 raising her hand in the air.

She has her own goals to achieve. | Lucas Film

Droids’ goals have been a huge part of Star Wars from the very beginning with R2-D2 being dedicated to getting Princess Leia’s message to Obi-Wan Kenobi. But L3-37 is different because she strays from Lando to go on her own missions repeatedly.

She tries to get a droid out of a fighting ring, then frees slaves on their mission to steal HYPERFEUL. Sure, she’ll help humans, but she’ll be damned if she doesn’t get something out of it herself.

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3. She is still funny

L3-37 making a fist.

L3-37 will be the character to love. | Lucas Film

Droids have often acted as the comic relief in these movies, and although L3-37 is serious personality-wise, she is still hilarious and vulnerable. After all, she can’t perform well when others are looking at her.

So she still fits into the fun tone of the franchise.

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4. She will always be a part of Star Wars

L3-37 in the ship with Han and Solo.

Her character is pretty iconic. | Lucas Film

It’s disappointing that L3-37 didn’t survive the group’s mission. But the best touch to trade off on this is that she becomes part of the Millennium Falcon. This could be the movie acknowledging that she is the droid that perfectly encapsulates what our heroes are and strive for.

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5. She owns her sexuality

Donald Glover as Lando Calrissian.

Donald Glover plays it cool as Lando Calrissian. | Lucasfilm

Lando’s sexuality made waves before the movie came out and it comes into play a bit with L3-37. The self-possessed droid tells Qi’ra that Lando is into her, and when Qi’ra asked how that would work, she simply responds that it does.

In real life, there has been a misconception that feminism has been tied to sexual repression. But feminism is often about everyone owning their sexuality and being empowered by it. It’s great this is made explicit with L3-37 as well.

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6. She gives more answers to fans’ questions about droids

L3-37 in front of sunlight.

She will answer some wandering questions. | Lucas Film

Some fans have had pressing questions about droids for a while, especially since there have been scenes of droids being tortured with heat and screaming because of it. So why does it seem like droids feel pain? What else do they feel?

L3-37’s sexuality isn’t just about her autonomy, but it gives a little more insight into the possibilities around droids and the ethics behind how humans have been using them.

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7. She doesn’t seem to solely exist for marketing purposes

BB-8 in the desert.

BB-8 | Lucasfilm

When photos of BB-8 were released ahead of The Last Jedi, it was basically acknowledged that the droid is a marketing ploy. Fans still loved it and that’s fine. But it’s nice that L3-37 wasn’t quite used the same way marketing-wise. It’s clear that she exists for many more reasons beyond that.

Hopefully, L3-37 is a sign that the franchise is going to explore droids much further in the future.

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