Some ‘Bachelorette’ Fans Think They Spotted A Hickey On Luke P. During ‘Men Tell All’

Luke Parker had a rough night during the “Men Tell All” episode of The Bachelorette. From the moment he walked on the stage to minimal applause, he was in the hot seat. Host Chris Harrison asked Parker hard-hitting questions about his time on the show. Parker took long, suspicious pauses before each of his answers.

Much of the evening was terribly uncomfortable. 

When Bachelorette Hannah Brown entered the stage, things didn’t get any better for Parker.

“Now, looking back, it wasn’t just that moment,” she said, referring to her fantasy suite dinner with Parker. “I had been blind to everything that had been happening.[…] That night, I felt it and saw it for myself and that was when it just snapped for me. Now I’m like I will not put up with this because that’s not love, that’s not what the person I want to spend the rest of my life with’s ever gonna make me feel. I’m so over being slut-shamed and feeling like that makes me not a woman of faith.”

Hannah Brown | John Fleenor/ABC via Getty Images
Hannah Brown | John Fleenor/ABC via Getty Images

“I’m not gonna stand here and feel that way. You’re not gonna make me feel that way,” she added to enthusiastic applause.

Did Luke P. have a hickey during ‘Men Tell All’? 

From the moment “Men Tell All” began, Twitter was blowing up with Bachelorette fan reactions. One thing that caught fans’ eyes, in particular, was what looked to be a hickey on Parker’s neck. 

“Wait though, Luke P. came on Men Tell All with a hickey on his neck? Am I only the one seeing this?” tweeted one fan.

She was not the only one seeing this. 

“Anyone else see the hickey on Luke P.’s neck?? Is this dude for real?” tweeted another fan.  

Some fans were quick to point out the hypocrisy of Parker slut-shaming Brown. 

“Watching the bachelorette tell all, watching Luke talk about his faith to Hannah and how he wouldn’t wanna be with her if she had sex BUT anyone else see that hickey on his neck,” tweeted one fan.   

“lol. #lukep slut shaming Hannah, using his faith to justify his actions, then showing up to the tell all with a hickey. GET A LIFE. TBH… one of his bible study friends prob gave it to him,” wrote another. 

Hannah Brown doesn’t regret her relationship with Luke P. 

Despite the slut-shaming and the weaponization of their shared faith, Brown doesn’t regret her relationship with Parker for a second. 

“I don’t regret the way that it happened because I feel like the relationship that I had with Luke, unfortunately, it’s a relationship that a lot of women can relate to. A lot of women have been in toxic relationships and maybe, just maybe me going through that and being able to remember my worth and figure that out for myself can help somebody that’s in that now see the signs of that and, ultimately, that makes me realize that I don’t have regrets because that was worth all of it,” she said. 

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