Some Fans Aren’t Happy With BTS Star Jungkook Right Now

BTS fans were shook when they heard one of their beloved stars, Jungkook, was in a car accident. The crash occurred on Nov. 2, and BTS has since come out with an official statement about the incident. 

Jungkook has admitted to violating the Road Traffic Act in South Korea, but it seems as if some netizens are still ready to raise a pitchfork or two. While most are happy that no one was hurt, some still believe Jungkook was simply too blasé about the whole incident. 

The car accident

While driving his Benz through the Hannam neighborhood of Yangsan District, Jungkook violated traffic law and hit a taxi driver. As it stands now, the police are unable to provide too many additional details. 

However, it has been confirmed that Jungkook was not inebriated when the accident occurred and that there were minimal injuries. A police source told Star News, “After the medical diagnosis is received or personal harm is confirmed, Jungkook will be booked and investigated. Currently there are no plans to summon Jungkook.”

“Jungkook was found to not have driven under the influence of alcohol after taking a sobriety test,” the source explained. Since then, Big Hit has released a statement of their own, translated by Soompi.

Big Hit’s statement 

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Naturally, fans were very alarmed when they heard about the accident. Anyone familiar with BTS knows that ARMY isn’t joking around when it comes to the health and well-being of their stars. Luckily for fans, Big Hit released an official announcement not long after the event. 

In their announcement, Big Hit said, “Jungkook was driving his car last week when he had a minor collision with another vehicle due to his own mistake. Both the victim and Jungkook did not sustain any major injuries.”

“Jungkook admitted that he violated the road Traffic Act immediately after the accident. The scene of the accident was resolved and police questioning was completed according to the due process, and an amicable settlement was made with the victim afterwards. We once again apologize to the victim, and we also express apologies for causing concern to fans,” explained Big Hit.

The traffic incident has been described as minor. There was very little property damage and no major physical harm done to either party as a result of the accident.

Fan reactions, good and bad

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BTS fans were quick to react to the news. Of course, Jungkook had plenty of well-wishers hoping for his safety during this time.

One Twitter user wrote, “I’m shook I just open my phone and this is the first thing I saw in all of my accounts. I’m thankful that Jungkook and the taxi driver is fine. Please be careful when you guys [are] in the road, driving to avoid any accident. Be careful.”

A Reddit user said, “I feel so bad for him. People get into these things the same age as him and get to worry only about their parents being mad and worried. JK has to deal with millions of people doing the same. It sucks being famous sometimes.”

However, not all netizens felt sympathy for Jungkook. Some noticed that Jungkook posted videos of JK playing Overwatch the same night as his accident. Apparently, a few of these netizens thought Jungkook wasn’t being dour enough after the incident. 

“Is he acting like nothing’s wrong after breaking the law, crashing into another person’s car, and hurting them?” asked one user

“I got goosebumps because of the way he posted video game footage like nothing happened,” added another.