Some Fans Think Kylo Ren Killed Baby Yoda; Could That Be True?

The Mandalorian gave more to Star Wars fans than anyone could have anticipated. It is the first live-action series the franchise has ever done ad it’s become a favorite for fans. Disney+ plans to roll out more like it in the future, but for now, this hit isn’t going anywhere. And with Baby Yoda as one of the main characters and plot points for Mando, it’s gained a lot of attention. 

But incorporating a powerful character like the Child starts to make people wonder: where has he been all this time? Will he show up later on? How does he connect with the characters we already know from the Skywalker saga? Well, there obviously aren’t any definitive answers just yet, but some fans think Kylo Ren might have encountered the little green guy in a horrible way.

Character actors of Kylo Ren and Storm Troopers at the Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge Walt Disney World Resort Opening at Disney World’s Hollywood Studios.
Kylo Ren and Storm Troopers at the Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge Walt Disney World Resort Opening at Disney World’s Hollywood Studios | Gerardo Mora/Getty Images

Baby Yoda has captured the hearts of virtually everyone 

There’s nothing, right now, quite like the little alien 50-year-old-child who looks like Master Yoda. More people are talking about him on the internet than most 2020 Democratic candidates running for president. Plus his co-stars can’t get enough of him. 

Werner Herzog, who plays The Client, not only talked to him like he was real but also considers him “heartbreakingly beautiful.”  

Director of Episode 4, Bryce Dallas Howard, also touched on Baby Yoda’s effect on the crew. “He is the light of all of our lives; it’s so exhilarating to be able to share my love and obsession with him with others,” she told Variety. “Baby just wins every scene he’s in.”

Did Kylo Ren kill Baby Yoda? Is this why he isn’t the sequel trilogy?

Now that everyone has sort of acclimated to the cuteness factor surrounding Baby Yoda, the questions mentioned at the start are becoming more prevalent. An alien with Force powers that are already pretty strong should turn up sometime in the Star Wars movies, right? And why doesn’t anyone know about him?

Well, some users suspect that Kylo Ren killed precious Baby Yoda. In the sequel trilogies movies The Force Awakens and The Last Jedi, the audience learns that Ben Solo turns to the Dark Side after feeling betrayed by the Light Side and his uncle, Luke Skywalker. He thought Luke was trying to kill him as he slept and destroyed Skywalker’s Jedi temple. In addition to that, he killed a majority of the students studying under Luke. 

That brings us to the tweets. User @EckhartsLadder wrote, “Kylo Ren is going to have a lot less fans when everyone realizes baby Yoda was a student at Luke’s Jedi Temple. Was.” Whether or not this is a joke, it’ll be a heartbreaking revelation if it’s true. 

It’s hard to know what happened to the Child

As often happens with characters that are added into canon after the major movies premiered, a lot of questions hang in the balance. The little alien doesn’t show up in any of the sequel trilogies or mythology and isn’t spoken about at all. But some other users replied to the original tweet and noted that Kylo didn’t kill all of the students. 

User @Reyllos posted a screenshot from a comic book that notes some students survived the attack and were actually after Kylo Ren. And another user, @anniesscribbles, also commented on Baby Yoda’s age by the time this even occurs, “By the time Ben destroyed the temple, Baby Yoda would still be the equivalent of ~18 months to 2 years old, assuming he is like 12-18 human months now,” they wrote. “Luke wouldn’t take students that young. Also, Ben canonically didnt kill all the students, only the ones that attacked him 🤷‍♀️”

Even if Baby Yoda ages faster as he gets older — which has to be the case because adult Yoda would be closer to middle-aged at 900 when he died which doesn’t seem accurate — he still probably wouldn’t be old enough to train.

Odds are, no, Kylo Ren didn’t kill Baby Yoda. If a Yoda clone or child from his species showed up, Luke would have surely guarded it with his life. If not that, then there’d at least be mention of it somewhere.

Until Star Wars gives us an official answer, though, enjoy Baby Yoda already trolling Kylo Ren. Funny, it is.