‘Some Good News’ Won’t Make it Without John Krasinski, Warn Fans of the Show

John Krasinski has emerged as one of the shining stars of the coronavirus pandemic, with the overwhelming success of his YouTube series, Some Good News.

In a world that seems overwhelmed by negative or scary stories on a daily basis, Krasinski’s series has brought joy into the lives of fans all over the world. From celebrity guests to virtual wedding ceremonies, Some Good News has definitely been a bright spot during trying times.

However, some recent news about Krasinski’s sale of his concept to a major network has many fans up in arms, and deeply concerned about the future of the show. 

When did ‘Some Good News’ premiere on YouTube?

John Krasinski on the red carpet
John Krasinski | Mike Coppola/Getty Images

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In March, with the coronavirus pandemic dominating the cable news cycle, people everywhere began experiencing burnout and stress. Actor John Krasinski, noticing a need for positive content online, launched a web series called Some Good News.

The series, hosted by Krasinski out of his home, focuses exclusively on happy, uplifting news. The show quickly gained thousands of followers, and eventually, millions.

Some Good News welcomed a wide variety of celebrity guests, including the cast of The Office, Chance the Rapper, Brad Pitt, Samuel L. Jackson, Ryan Reynolds, and Martha Stewart.

Throughout the course of each 15 to 20-minute episode, Krasinski chats with his guests and talks to viewers about good things happening in the world. He also hosted giveaways, offering perks like free cellphone service, baseball tickets, and more. All in all, Some Good News was a way for viewers to come together and enjoy all the best of humanity. 

John Krasinski sold ‘Some Good News’

After a brief hiatus from Some Good News, Krasinski made headlines when it was announced that he had decided to sell the concept to CBS. According to Fox News, Krasinski would no longer host the show in whatever new form it took under CBS, but that he would still be attached to the series as an executive producer and that he would make occasional appearances on the show.

The report also detailed how Some Good News was in a “bidding war” with multiple networks, and although an exact amount wasn’t listed, it seems as though Krasinski made a bundle from the sale of his feel-good series. As thrilled as Krasinski is over the news, fans of the show haven’t been so excited, and have been voicing their concerns on social media since the sale went public. 

Fans aren’t happy about the sale of ‘Some Good News’

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Fans of Some Good News are none too thrilled about the fact that Krasinski made a profit over the sale of the series.

According to Yahoo, one Twitter user shared that “finding out Some Good News #SGN has been sold to be put behind a paywall on #CBSAllaccess is so disheartening. ‘Yeah, you can have your good news, if you pay us 5.99 a month for it.’ Way to completely lose the integrity behind it.” 

What’s more, many fans don’t even think that the show will be as popular once Krasinski is no longer attached as the host. Recently, there was a Twitter thread that went viral with fan responses about who the new host could be, and why they don’t believe that people will tune in.

One fan stated that “the show won’t be the same” without Krasinski, while another revealed that “the brand of Some Good News is far less valuable without Krasinski. Anybody can start a show like that.”

Others questioned how the show could possibly succeed without the down-home charm of a YouTube format, stating that once the series is turned into a “corporate product,” it won’t attract the same following. 

Fans will likely have a lot more to say once the new host is announced — and that announcement could make or break Some Good News