Some ‘LPBW’ Fans Want Matt Roloff and His GF Caryn Chandler Off the Show

Little People, Big World is due for some changes, at least according to some fans. On Sept. 16, Amy Roloff shared a post to Instagram promoting the new season of her family’s TLC show, which premieres Sept. 29. She noted that it was “the end of an era,” as the upcoming episodes will see her move off the family’s farm for good. But a few commenters said they thought it was time for another change — they want Amy’s ex-husband Matt Roloff and his girlfriend Caryn Chandler off the show. 

Amy and Matt Roloff were married for decades 

Matt and Amy Roloff
Matt and Amy Roloff | Stacie McChesney/NBCU Photo Bank

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Amy and Matt Roloff were married for more than two decades and raised four children together: Zach, Jeremy, and Jacob, and Molly. But in 2014, the pair announced they were splitting up. By 2016, they were divorced. Soon after, they both went public with new relationships. Matt began dating Caryn Chandler, a long-time employee at the couple’s farm. Amy moved on with Chris Marek, to whom she is now engaged. 

Some ‘Little People, Big World’ fans are tired of Matt Roloff and his new girlfriend 

While Amy appears to have come to terms with her divorce and has made steps toward accepting Caryn, some viewers have been less forgiving. They dislike Matt and Caryn, at least in part because Amy has hinted that her ex began a relationship with their employee while he was still married. 

Disgruntled fans didn’t hesitate to share their opinions on Instagram. 

“I don’t look forward to this show much anymore because of Matt and Caryn,” one wrote. “He’s mean and well she is who she is. They don’t make good TV!” 

“Love watching you and Chris. Not a fan of Matt and Caryn,” another commented. The person added that when the latter two were on TV, they preferred to do chores rather than watch those segments. 

At least one thought Amy deserved her own show. “I hope TLC is smart and does a spin off of Amy and Chris,” they wrote. 

Some ‘LPBW’ fans like Caryn

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While many of Amy’s followers weren’t big fans of Caryn and Matt, the hate wasn’t universal. A few were less sympathetic to Amy and felt Caryn was getting a bad rap. 

“Don’t you remember how awful Amy was to Matt from day one? Matt built that farm and Amy benefited from all his hard work,” one wrote. “They both wanted out of the marriage and moved on. I think Caryn is awesome!”

Others pointed out that divorce was common and that both Amy and Matt seemed happier since they ended their relationship. 

“Many marriages fall apart but they stayed together and did a great job with the kids,” one wrote. “I’m happy they’ve both found someone special.”

Little People, Big World premieres Tuesday, Sept. 29 at 9 p.m. ET/PT. 

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